​​​​​​​What to do in a flood emergency


If you need practical assistance from the council in the event of a flood please call us on 01908 253 353.

Our guide which you can download here  provides practical steps to prepared in the event of a flood.

This page lists various sections if you're a homeowner/business/landowner and how to report a flood or check flood warnings.



Report a flood

Check flood warning

If there is a risk to life then call the emergency services on 999, ask for the Fire and Rescue Service. 

You can also call the 24 hour floodline on 0345 988 1188 for help and advice on what you should do.

If there is a severe and imminent risk of the property being flooded and you have no prevention items at all then you can contact the Council on 01908 252353 (out of hours 01908 226699) to request sandbags from the Highway team. These will only be distributed if there is a severe risk as we only keep a small stock in case of emergencies.

  • Deploy any flood prevention products that you have such as sandbags, aqua sacs, bags of soil or door dams.
  • Put together an overnight bag of essential items including any home insurance documents.
  • Switch off electric and gas and move any valuables and pets upstairs.
  • Move vehicles to a safe location.

The role of the MK Council during a flood event

MK Council will support the emergency services during a flood event. If an emergency situation is declared, our Emergency Planning Team help to coordinate between key council services like Housing and Highways with the emergency services and local communities.

The Highways team with service provider, Ringway will monitor the water levels on the roads, redways and footways. If the water reaches unsafe levels then we will temporarily close roads or footways that are impassable. We will post real time updates about any closed, flooded roads on our social media channels.

Preparing for a flood

If you're worried about a potential flood, the National Flood Forum offers advice on how to stay safe and protect your belongings - including advice on products you can buy to protect your home.  We also have advice on our emergency planning pages.

Frequently asked questions 

We have a list of FAQs on this page.

Last Updated: 4 October 2021