Grass Cutting

We maintain over 10 million square metres of grassland for the benefit of residents and visitors to Milton Keynes.
Due to the council's prioritisation of other services during the Covid-19 response, grass cutting may be delayed in your area. Teams are out mowing but at a reduced capacity and are following government guidance on social distancing.  We shall update the mowing schedules once capacity is stabilised at normal levels.

Council managed public land is mown on a cyclic program between March and late October. The schedules are arranged to match the expected growing pattern of the grass and any specific management requirements for biodiversity, expected public use and highway safety.

Schedules can be delayed by public holidays and bad weather.

Persistent rain can cause the ground to become too soft leading to a risk of the mower becoming bogged, rutting and damaging the surface. We are sometimes required to divert the crews away from their planned routes or even suspend an operation entirely, recovering it later. Mowing is also suspended during periods of prolonged dry weather.  The schedules can therefore be subject to sudden and radical alteration in response to environmental conditions.

The council does not undertake any of this work on land that is owned by The Parks Trust or the parish councils listed below:

These areas have appointed their own contractors or are undertaking the work themselves and any complaints, compliments or enquiries should be made directly to the respective Town or Parish Councils or the Parks Trust.  Land that is the responsibility of The Parks Trust can be found on the council mapping system “My MK”.

Rural road verge mowing of junction sightlines and visibility splays is not included in the above schedule.  Mowing is undertaken on a rotational basis throughout the growing season.

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Last Updated: 21 April 2020