Overhanging trees or bushes

Click on the green button below to report a tree, bush or other vegetation causing issue on a road, footway or redway. Under the Highways Act 1980 we can take action if any vegetation, trees or shrubs from a private property restricts pedestrians or is dangerous to vehicular traffic.

If a branch or other vegetation is covering up a road sign then please let us know.

For other landscaping issues e.g. grass mowing, please visit the Landscape Maintenance pages

Report an issue with overhanging trees and vegetation form 

Emergency Issues

If you need to report a fallen or uprooted tree or other obstruction on a road, footway or redway  call 01908 252353 (Mon to Fri between 9am and 5:15pm) or for out of hours/weekend call 01908 226699.

Last Updated: 19 October 2020