Report overhanging trees and landscape issues

If any vegetation, trees or shrubs from a private property restricts pedestrians or is dangerous to vehicular traffic, action can be taken under the Highways Act 1980.

The following non-urgent landscaping issues can be reported on the form below.

  • Hedge/Shrub needs pruning/weeding
  • Private vegetation obstructing the highway or footway
  • Pond/watercourse management
  • Grass - cutting missed/repair/damaged verge
  • General landscape enquiry

Report an issue with overhanging trees and vegetation form 

If you are reporting any of the urgent issues listed below, please do not use our online form, instead ring the following numbers: 

Mon – Fri 9:00am to 5:15pm, call 01908 252353 (Please note that the contact centre opens later, at 10:00am, on Wednesdays) 

Mon – Fri outside office hours (5:15pm to 9:00am) and weekends, call 01908 226699

Urgent issues:

  • Uprooted or Fallen Tree
  • Glass/Needles in Play Area
  • Damaged Play Equipment

Frequently asked questions about trees

The council does not undertake any of this work on land that is owned by The Parks Trust. The council will conduct urgent work (listed above) on landscaping maintained by the parish councils below - any routine works should be reported by using the relevant link below:

These areas have appointed their own contractors or are undertaking the work themselves and any complaints, compliments or enquiries should be made directly to the respective Town or Parish Councils or the Parks Trust.  Land that is the responsibility of The Parks Trust can be found on the council mapping system “My MK”

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Last Updated: 9 August 2021