Public Open Space for Events

Apply to hold your own events on MKC Public Open Space


Although public events are now permitted by the Government, Covid-19 still presents a considerable risk to public health. Event organisers should think carefully whether the event should go ahead. You must follow all available and appropriate guidance for your event and complete relevant risk assessments to ensure you protect people.

Social distancing, contact tracing, hand washing and ensuring symptomatic people do not attend your event is very important and we will expect you to provide suitable procedures and event management plans to show how you will follow the Government Guidance.

You must consider other factors including how your attendees will arrive. Public transport should be avoided and you are advised against encouraging people to travel to your event from outside the immediate locality. Infections levels in some surrounding areas are higher than those in Milton Keynes.

Event organisers should also be aware that the Government has provided powers to Local Authorities to close events and the Council reserves the right to cancel any event held on its land if necessary or on the direction of the Director of Public Health. Event organisers will have to carry the risk of their event being cancelled at any time.

Events on Milton Keynes Council Open Space

Milton Keynes Council's parks and open spaces host a wide variety of events and activities. These range from small community and charity events to carnivals, music festivals and funfairs.

Permission is required to host organised events and activities, but not for normal uses of our parks such as family picnics.

Organising Your Own Event

Event organisers should review the need to provide a Milton Keynes Safety Advisory Group event notification.

Organisers should complete our online application form which includes terms and conditions and questions to help us understand the size and nature of your event.

A charge for corporate, commercial and private functions has been introduced for all events held on Milton Keynes Council owned parkland on or after 1st January 2018. 
Events on Public Open Space fees for 2019/20
Application fee

Commercial or Corporate

Personal, private, other e.g. car boot sale (application fee)

per event £52.79
Land use fee

Commercial or Corporate

Personal, private, other e.g. car boot sale

daily rate £317.75

Event organisers must confirm that they have appropriate public liability insurance in place. A minimum of £5 Million cover is required for all events on Milton Keynes Council land.

Once the application is received it will be assessed to check that it is suitable for the intended location. The local ward councillors and parish/town council will also be notified of the proposed event.

We need to receive your completed application at least four weeks before the date of your event so that all necessary checks and notifications can be completed.

The organiser will then receive official notification of our decision as to whether permission to use the land has been granted.

Road Closures and Licences

If your event requires a road closure or involves an activity which requires a licence, such as the sale of alcohol, you will need to apply for these separately.


Last Updated: 24 October 2020