Conditions of Hire for Library Meeting Rooms

  1. All Library Meeting Room bookings must be submitted using an online form. 
  2. The hire period must cover any time required to set up and close down your meeting and this time will be charged for. 
  3. The hirer will be invoiced for the room hire charge by Milton Keynes Council. 
  4. Hiring rooms outside opening hours will be charged at an enhanced hourly rate. Ask staff for details. 
  5. In the event of an increase in hire charges, the rate will remain as confirmed at the time the booking, or block of bookings was made. An increase of the hire charges will occur 1st April each year and will be index linked to the RPI. 
  6. The hirer should inform Library staff as soon as possible of the cancellation of any booking. There is 25% non-refundable deposit. 
  7. Milton Keynes Libraries reserves the right to cancel any booking at its discretion and to change or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice. 
  8. Milton Keynes Libraries reserves the right to close the premises at any time for emergency or periodic maintenance and also when the premises are required for public elections or similar events. 
  9. Individuals/organisations that are working with children and young people must show library staff a copy of their Child Protection Policy for teachers/tutors who are working with children or vulnerable adults. Evidence of this policy must be shown to library staff when you arrive at the library on the day of your booking. 
  10. Milton Keynes Council has Public Liability Insurance to protect itself from claims that arise from claims due to the negligent acts of its employees. 
  11. The hirer will indemnify themselves for any claims that could arise due to any negligence during the period of hire by the individual/organisation hiring the facilities. Should the hirer not have their own Public Liability cover, this can be provided by the Council, but an additional charge may be payable. 
  12. The hirer of the Meeting Room will, at the end of the period of hire, leave the Room in a clean and tidy condition and will properly dispose of all litter. 
  13. The hirer of the Meeting Room will be held responsible for any damage to the Room or contents during the period of hire, unless the loss or damage has been caused by an employee or agent of Milton Keynes Council, and will immediately on demand repay to Milton Keynes Council the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged property. 
  14. The hirer shall not sublet or transfer this booking to any other person or organisation. 
  15. Young people, 18 years and under, must be supervised by responsible adults at all times during the course of a booking. 
  16. In cases of block booking, the user must not leave their own belongings or equipment on the premises. 
  17. Approval for the use of libraries by political parties shall be determined by the nature of the occasion. 
  18. No advertising or publicity material will be displayed inside or outside the building without the prior approval of library staff. 
  19. With the exception of guide dogs, no animals will be allowed on the premises. 
  20. Fire exits must not be obstructed in any manner at all. The hirer must ensure that the Fire and Safety procedures displayed in the Meeting Room are read by all attending the meeting. 
  21. Under the Electricity at Work Regulations, you must not bring in your own electrical equipment unless it has been tested by an approved or suitably qualified person. There is no access to a drinking water supply so no kettles or coffee makers can be used. 
  22. No alcohol is to be sold on the premises. 
  23. A 'no smoking' policy applies throughout Library premises. 
  24. Failure to comply with the conditions of hire may result in further bookings being refused. 

 Updated December 2015

Last Updated: 1 November 2019