Milton Keynes Libraries Customer Service Charter

Milton Keynes Council is committed to providing quality services and putting the customer first.

This Customer Charter sets out the standards you should expect when you contact any of our libraries. It's designed to help you decide whether we are providing a good service and for you to let us know how we can improve.

Our Promise To You

We will:

  • Be courteous, efficient and helpful at all times.
  • We will wear our name badges and will give our names to our users.
  • Continually look to make improvements to our service in consultation with customers and partners.
  • Report back to customers how we have responded to their comments, complaints and compliments.
  • Involve you in any significant changes or developments in the way we provide services.
  • Treat everyone as an individual and ensure personal information is treated confidentially.
  • Ensure those with any special needs, specific hearing, sight or language requirements are able to access council services fully.

Our Standards

We will:

  • Publicise our services and opening hours.
  • Give as much notice as possible of any changes to charges for library facilities, fines and fees.
  • Provide services and materials appropriate to the needs of the local community.
  • Provide customer care training for all library staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure that wherever possible, library buildings and services are accessible and welcoming to all.
  • Work with volunteers to provide a Home Library Service for people unable to visit libraries due to disability, illness or age and provide other outreach services.
  • Advise contacts as early as possible if mobile visits/stops have to be cancelled.

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Response Performance Indicators for Enquiries

  • Verbal – at the time of contact or in writing within 10 days with a full response by email or letter.
  • Telephone – to answer within 5 rings, or as soon as possible, responding at time of contact or within 10 days with a full response by email or letter.
  • Email / letter – full response within 10 days of receipt.
  • If we cannot send a full response within 10 days, we will send a message explaining why and give you a realistic estimate of when we can give you a detailed response.

We'll give you staff names and contact details at every stage.

What You Can Do to Help Us

  • Show courtesy and respect to other library users and staff.
  • Take care of library materials and equipment.
  • Help us improve the service by, for example, contributing to library surveys or consultations. We welcome comments and compliments in our comments books, comment forms and online comments form. We also welcome comments on our social media sites.
  • Become a volunteer for Milton Keynes Libraries.
  • Join or create a ‘friends’ group at your local library.
  • Help by financial donations to help us reach out in new ways.
  • Tell other people about libraries and how you have benefited from them.
  • Carry your library card whenever you visit the library and don't lend it to anyone else.
  • Look after your personal property in the library and keep valuable items with you at all times.

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Not Satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received:

  • Speak with the library staff.
  • If you wish to write a comment on any particular aspect of Milton Keynes Libraries, please ask for a comments form or complete the Libraries' online comment form.
  • Should you continue to be unhappy with our actions, or if the problem continues, then ask for a further investigation by a more senior person.
  • If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, then you can contact your local Councillor, MP or Ombudsman.

You can also share your comments, compliments and complaints about Milton Keynes Council.

All comments and feedback are recorded on the Council’s REACT system, which ensures centralised records of comments and feedback.

For further details or advice about the Council’s complaints procedure, please telephone: 01908 691691 or visit the Council website.

Contact Details

Library Customer Services Manager
Milton Keynes Libraries
Central Library
555 Silbury Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

Tel: 01908 254050 or Email us at Central Library.

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Last Updated: 14 January 2021