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Exciting changes are happening at Milton Keynes Libraries as we invest in new and improved facilities.

We hope to keep the disruption of your library provision to a minimum and apologise for the temporary inconvenience. Wherever possible, we have put interim arrangements in place to continue providing access to your libraries and library services.

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Westcroft Library


February 2015

It all began with the Sharing Libraries project in February 2015 which led to much planning and work behind the scenes. We are investing £1.4 million into developing a new purpose built Westcroft Library behind The Meeting Place at the Westcroft District Centre and will be relocating to Tattenhoe Pavilion until the new library is ready in 2018.

Westcroft Library External Drawingss
[Please note: Drawings are representational and not final]
Westcroft Library Internal Drawings
Westcroft Library Internal Drawings

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September 2017

At 1pm on Saturday, 30 September 2017 Westcroft Library closed its doors to the public and will re-open at Tattenhoe Pavilion in October/November (date to be confirmed).

Tattenhoe Pavilion
Tattenhoe Pavilion

The opening hours will remain the same:

- 10-5 *11-5 10-5 10-5 10-1 -

* Library closed to the public 10-11am for Children's Hour.

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October 2017

Once the doors closed on 30 September we moved like greased lightning and Westcroft was packed up and cleared out.

Westcroft Library being cleared 4 Oct 2017
Westcroft Library being cleared 4 Oct 2017
3/4 October 2017

By 5 October 2017 our dear 'old' Westcroft Library was empty.

Westcroft Library empty 5 October 2017
5 October 2017
Tattenhoe Pavilion cabling 22 Sep 2017
22 September 2017

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While at the other end of the equation - Tattenhoe Pavilion was having cabling installed ready for the public pcs and taking deliveries.

Tattenhoe Pavilion Panorama 3oct17
Tattenhoe Pavilion 3oct17
3 October 2017

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Old Westcroft Library Peeling Sticker from Windows 5 Oct 17
Synchronised sticker peeling!
Tattenhoe Pavilion 9 Oct 17
9 October 2017
Tattenhoe Pavilion 9 Oct 17
Tattenhoe Pavilion 9 Oct 17
Tattenhoe Pavilion 9 Oct 17

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17 October 2017

After all the hard work, the doors at Tattenhoe Pavilion were opened on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. The public computers are not quite ready for use yet, but we're getting there.

Westcroft Library at Tattenhoe Pavilion Internal 17 Oct 2017
17 October 2017
Westcroft Library at Tattenhoe Pavilion External 20 Oct 2017
20 October 2017
Westcroft Library at Tattenhoe Pavilion Internal Panoramic views 20 Oct 2017

New internal and external signs were installed too!

Westcroft Library at Tattenhoe Pavilion external signs 20 Oct 2017

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November 2017

The official opening of the library was held on 1 November 2017 with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by Councillor Liz Gifford (the Cabinet member responsible for Libraries). Local families then enjoyed the delights of Children’s Hour with stories, songs and crafts along with refreshments provided by the Tattenhoe Pavilion cafe.

Westcroft Library opening 1Nov17
Westcroft Library opening 1Nov17

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May 2018

While Westcroft Library has settled into Tattenhoe Pavilion, the new library building is starting to take shape and emerging from the rubble.

Westcroft new library building April 2018
April 2018
Westcroft new library building May 2018
May 2018

We're trying to be patient ... and if all goes to plan, we're hoping to open the doors to our new library building at the Westcroft District Centre by Spring 2019.

You can see details of the planning application on the Planning Portal by searching for application number: 17/00269/MKCOD3 and viewing the various documents.

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Tattenhoe Pavilion

Westcroft Library to Tattenhoe Pavilion map

Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion is managed by Hertsmere Leisure, a registered charity and company established to provide and promote community sport, recreational and arts services. Visit their website for information about the facilities. 

The Pavilion
Holborn Crescent
Milton Keynes  MK4 3EQ

You can view a larger map here. (JPG, 317KB)

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While Westcroft Library is located at Tattenhoe Pavilion, all the usual library services are available including:

  • free WiFi
  • public computers
  • printing
  • Children’s Hour
  • photocopying
  • all your favorite books

Tattenhoe Pavilion offers ample free parking, a café and toilets.

Remember that you can access many library services 24 hours a day by visiting the website.

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Last Updated: 22 May 2018