Code Club at Milton Keynes Libraries

We have joined the nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 8-12.
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What is Code Club?

The aim of Code Club is to inspire the next generation to get excited about computer science and digital making.

To do this, they support a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for children to build and share their ideas, learning along the way.

An enthusiastic volunteer teams up with a community venue like a school or library to run an after school club for children using specially created Code Club resources.

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What kind of things can I code?

Code Club volunteers come to the library and help you learn to make games, animations and websites, using the Code Club resources.

The easy to follow step-by-step guides help you learn Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python. These projects gradually introduce coding concepts to allow you to build your knowledge incrementally, meaning there’s also no need for the adult running the session to be a computing expert.

Where and when are the Code Club sessions?

We have joined the UK Code Club network and Central Library runs sessions upstairs at Central Library on Fridays between 4-5.15pm.

We are no longer able to offer a Code Club at Kingston Library.

The Code Club sessions are 6 weeks long and will only run during Term Times.

When did Code Club start?

We first started Code Club at Central Library in January 2017 and it runs during Term Times only.

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Who can come to the sessions?

Everyone aged between 8 and 12 is welcome to come to Code Club although if there are lots of children wanting to join us, we may need to create a waiting list.

Parents are encouraged to remain in the library while their children are at any of the Code Club sessions. 

Do I need my own computer?

We have access to a limited number of public PCs on the first floor at Central Library but it is easier for the children if they bring their own laptops and use the free WiFi (tablets are not suitable for the sessions).

How much does it cost?

The sessions are free although voluntary donations are appreciated.

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Who runs the Code Club?

Milton Keynes Central Library is the venue and Code Club volunteers come along to run the sessions. We have one volunteer coming to the library at the moment but would love to recruit more.

Morgan Jones

He never knew he was going to be a Web Developer when he was at school (the World Wide Web didn’t even exist when he was 11!) but when he made his first website in 1998 for a friend’s band, he became hooked on what he could accomplish using the web. Since then he has made websites for schools, colleges and universities and both small and large businesses. He's been lucky enough that his work has taken him to other countries where he has met fascinating people and seen amazing things.

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Who can I talk to about Code Club?

If you'd like more information or have a question about Code Club, please email the children's library or phone 01908 254050.

How do I sign up?

We're sorry but we currently have a long list of children wanting to join the Code Club and are not taking any more requests at the moment. As soon as space becomes available, we will include the registration form here.

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Last Updated: 11 May 2022