Computers and printing

Computers are available for public use at all libraries except Kingston and Westcroft Library. Wi-Fi printing is available at all libraries except Woughton Library.


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Library computers have the following software:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Office 2019 - Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Accessing PCs in libraries

The library PCs will present you with a login screen. Enter your library membership number from the barcode on your library card but without the initial B. (Note that some numbers end with an X and you should include that) Then enter your library PIN and you will be taken to the home screen.

  • PCs are available to use during advertised library opening hours.
  • Access to PCs ends 15 minutes before each Library's advertised closing time.
  • There is no need to book, but you may have to wait for a short time during busy periods.

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Charges for using library computers

  • There are currently no charges for using the computers.
  • Computers are offered on a first come first served basis with an initial free session lasting one hour.
  • You do not need to be a member of the library to use the computers, but it is free to join the library.

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Using library PCs

Every effort is made to ensure that all equipment is virus-free, but we cannot guarantee this.

Our facilities are self-help and staff will assist when possible but cannot provide training or advice, or undertake research for you. You may find these options helpful:

Parental consent is required for children under 16 years to use library computers.

Get Safe Online offers free, independent, user-friendly advice that will allow you to use the internet confidently, safely and securely.

Saving files on library computers

  • You can download files on to your own storage devices.
  • Files cannot be permanently stored on library PCs. Files can be temporarily stored on the X drive and then attached to an email. Files saved on the X drive must be deleted before the end of your session.

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Printing can be done from computers at the libraries or through Kuario Wi-Fi printing for a charge.

Printing charges are:

  • A4 Black and White - 20p per sheet
  • A4 Colour - 75p per sheet
  • A3 Black and White - 30p per sheet
  • A3 Colour - £1.30 per sheet


Libraries have a self-service A4 scanner connected to one of the public PCs. Kingston Library and Westcroft Library do NOT have public computers and do not offer scanning services.

Self-service scanning

Free plus any charge for computer access where applicable.

You may need to queue to use the scanner at busy times.

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Wi-Fi is available at all Milton Keynes Libraries.

Please be aware that Wi-Fi will close down 15 minutes before each library's advertised closing time.

Customers must have a mobile phone (or other device) capable of receiving SMS text messages with them in order to register for the Wi-Fi.

You will need to select the Library Public Wi-Fi option for the appropriate library.  The Wi-Fi names for each library are:

  • MKC Bletchley Library Public
  • MKC Central Library Public
  • MKC Kingston Library Public
  • MKC New-Pag Library Public
  • MKC Olney Library Public
  • MKC Ston-Strat Library Public
  • MKC Westcroft Library Public
  • MKC Woburn Sands Library Public
  • MKC Wolverton Library Public

Having selected the appropriate public Wi-Fi service you will be directed to a page displaying the terms and conditions of use. Please read them. If you agree to these, you will need to enter your mobile phone number to receive a password by text message. Entering the password will connect you to the Wi-Fi service of the host library.

The password lasts for 90 days on this device. Any other device you use will need to be registered in the same way and re-registered after 90 days. You will need to register separately in each library you use.

Wi-Fi is also available at Woughton Library and you will need to ask staff for the login details when you visit.

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IT help guides

There are a few guides available that may answer some of your questions.

Creating an email address

There are many email providers and instructions to help you set up an email account can be found on the Digital Unite email help web page.

Digital Unite is an organisation that helps people to have good digital skills. They offer help and support to IT volunteers and they produce a variety of guides which you may find useful.

Online safety

Britannica offers an eSafety Guide for Students (PDF, 909KB) to help you stay safe online.

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Silver Surfers

Are you just starting to use the Internet? Here are some interesting and useful web sites recommended by Milton Keynes Libraries.                 

Milton Keynes Central Library is a UK online partner.

There are also guides available from Online Centres Network which offer guidance for tutors wanting to help older people improve their digital skills.

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Websites offering training, help and guidance online

  • – Government services and information including HMRC, child benefit and submitting self-assessment tax returns.
  • National Cyber Security Centre - Government site with guidance and resources to keep you safe online.
  • NHS choices – Find your local GP or get information through an A-Z of Health.
  • Council website – Information about local schools, recycling and other council services.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau – Advice and information on resolving legal, financial and other problems or situations.
  • Federation of Small Businesses – Business and legal advice for the self-employed and owners of small businesses.
  • Do It – Volunteering opportunities.
  • Money advice service – Free & impartial money advice, set up by government.
  • Get Safe Online – Information about online safety.
  • Learn My Way – Online courses offering help for computer basics, Internet banking or shopping and job searching.
  • Digital Unite – Online guides, courses and computer tutors.
  • Age UK – Dedicated to supporting people in later life.
  • Excel Easy – Free fully illustrated Microsoft Excel tutorial with over 300 examples.
  • OpenLearn - Free learning from The Open University.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2022