Library Charges

Details of loan periods for books, audiobooks and magazines and the charges, fines and fees for services and items can all be found here.
Check the return dates for books borrowed on your library card by logging in to My Library to see your library account.

Log in to My Library to make online payments

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Remember that it's free to borrow eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks and there is no risk of overdue charges as items are returned automatically.

Additional services to external organisations

We also offer these services free of charge and subject to availability. Email us to discuss details and make a booking. 

  • Introduction to the Library and Tour (1 hour)
  • Sessions or talks on customer site (1 hour)
  • Group Storytime at a Library (30 minutes)
  • Storytime/Assembly on site (30 minutes)
  • Training at Library (1 hour)
  • Training on site (1 hour)

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COBRA small business information

Research undertaken by customers is FREE but there is a charge to print research results.

Printing charges are:

  • A4 Black and White - 20p per sheet
  • A4 Colour - 75p per sheet
  • A3 Black and White - 30p per sheet
  • A3 Colour - £1.30 per sheet

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Computers and printing

There are currently no charges for using the computers but resources are limited.

Computers are offered on a first come first served basis with an initial free session lasting one hour. Any additional sessions will be charged at £1.30 per 30 minutes and subject to availability.

You do not need to be a member of the library to use the computers, but it is free to join the library.

Wi-Fi is free at all Milton Keynes Libraries.

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Display and exhibition space

Libraries are the perfect place for publicising community displays, events and services.

Posters and leaflets

All Libraries in Milton Keynes can, at their discretion, display posters and leaflets about local community events and leisure activities. There is no charge for this service.

Commercial notices which fall within the general display policy (PDF, 281KB) may be displayed for a fee.

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Exhibitions, larger displays and public consultations

Libraries welcome approaches from Council departments, public services, local organisations, community groups, societies and individuals who wish to stage exhibitions to promote their services, activities, artwork, etc or to consult members of the public about issues.

Guidelines are set out in the display policy (PDF, 281KB) and there may be charges for this type of use. Details of current prices for hiring Library spaces can be found on the Room Hire page.

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Charges - for displaying commercial notices

  • A4/A5 size displayed for one month - £10
  • A3 size displayed for one month (where space permits) - £20

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Please contact the relevant library about displaying posters or complete the online form to enquire about hiring library space.

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Family history research

Enquiries received from customers via email, phone, letter or in person that require research assistance from Library staff will be charged at £7.40 per enquiry - inclusive of VAT and one page of A4 printing. Additional printing will be charged at the current rates:

  • A4 Black and White - 20p per sheet
  • A4 Colour - 75p per sheet
  • A3 Black and White - 30p per sheet
  • A3 Colour - £1.30 per sheet

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Charges are per A4 page:

  • Receiving - £1.20
  • Sending within the UK - £1.80
  • Sending to Europe - £2.56
  • Sending to the rest of the world - £3.10

Fax Numbers for Libraries:

The only libraries that currently offer fax services are:

  • Central (Reference) Library - (01908) 606283
  • Wolverton Library - (01908) 312812

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Fines on overdue items

Overdue fines have not been applied during the lockdown period (18 March 2020 - 31 July 2021). Charges for borrowing items and overdue fines were reintroduced on 1 August 2021. Any fines that were outstanding before the first lockdown will remain due and on your account.

Books and audiobooks on CD will continue to be loaned for a 4-week period and can be renewed up to four times.

We are always happy to help and answer any questions about renewals or your account if you call 01908 254050.

If you do not return your items on time, or renew them before the due date, we will ask you to pay the following fines. 

A charge is also made for sending overdue reminders and any other costs incurred. There is no charge for days when libraries are closed.

Fines may be avoided by renewing items. You can renew an item up to 4 times before it needs to be taken to a library. There are several reasons why you may not be able to renew an item and you can find full details on the Renew and Reserve web page.

If you have any problems with online renewals, please contact any of the Milton Keynes Libraries as soon as possible to avoid further charges.

  • Adult Books - 30p per day (maximum fine £7.50)
  • Adult Audiobooks - 30p per day (maximum fine £7.50)
  • CD-Roms - 30p per day (maximum fine £7.50)
  • Children's Picture Books and Board Books - NO FINES
  • All Other Children's Books - 10p per day (maximum £2.50)
  • Children's Audiobooks - 10p per day (maximum £2.50)
  • Magazines - 30p per day (maximum £7.50)

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SELMS loans

To reserve items from our SELMS partner libraries there is a £3 per item non-refundable charge.

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Items for sale

As part of the service, we also offer items for sale but please note that not all libraries sell the full range. 

Photo showing a pile of green pens printed with the library website link
  • Milton Keynes Libraries Pens - 50p
  • Books about the local area are on sale in the Local Studies desk at Central Library
  • Books and Magazines (withdrawn from stock)
  • Headphones - £2
  • Magnifying Sheets A4 size - 50p
  • Milton Keynes Atlas  (2017 ed) - £6.99
  • Postcards of Milton Keynes both past and present (10p each)
  • Stationery - plastic sleeves 10p, small envelope 10p, A5 envelope 15p, A4 envelope 20p, padded envelope 25p, A4 sheet paper 10p

Watch out for details of library sales on our What's On page and posters in libraries.

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Charges for laminating are per sheet:

  • A4 - £1
  • A3 - £1.50

Available at these libraries:

  • Bletchley Library - A4/A3
  • Central Library - A4/A3
  • Kingston Library - A4
  • Newport Pagnell Library - A4/A3
  • Olney Library - A4/A3
  • Westcroft Library - A4
  • Woburn Sands Library - A4

Library membership

Joining the library is FREE!

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Lost, stolen or damaged library card

Until you notify the library that your card is missing, any items borrowed on your card remain your responsibility.

You can email us to report your library card lost. Please provide your name, address and postcode. At the earliest point, the card will be marked as 'Reported Lost' until you next visit a library with relevant ID and choose to either reinstate or replace your card.

Charge to replace a lost, stolen or damaged library card is £3.

If your card has been stolen and reported to the police, you can present your Police Crime Number to Library staff and there will be no charge for the replacement.

Your replacement card will be issued to you immediately and you can start borrowing.

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Lost, stolen or damaged library items

If items are lost, stolen or damaged you will be required to pay the full replacement cost of the item. You will also need to pay any outstanding fees and fines that may be on your library membership card relating to the item.

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Payment of fees and charges

We are aware of an intermittent issue with online payments and apologise if this affects you. We are working to resolve it.

We accept cash at all Milton Keynes Libraries but do not currently process credit/debit card transactions or electronic refunds.

Cash payments can also be made at the new self-service kiosks at all libraries. The kiosks take coins as well as £5/£10 notes and give change.

You can pay Online by credit/debit card and you will need to Log in to My Library with your library card and PIN to do this.

Online payment of library fines and charges

We are aware of an intermittent issue with online payments and apologise if this affects you. We are working to resolve it.

To pay fines and charges online, you need to Log in to My Library using your library card number and library PIN.

If any items on your card are already overdue, you'll need to renew the overdue items before you can pay the outstanding charge in full.

Remember there are various reasons why you may not be able to renew items.

Your library account will show a link to your outstanding fines and charges and show a breakdown of the outstanding total. You can then select the items you'd like to pay and click Pay Online.

When making your payment please remember to enter your debit/credit card number with no spaces and your name exactly as it appears on the card.

If you have registered for Verified by Visa or Secure Code you will also be asked to enter that information.

Once you have confirmed your payment you can print your page as a receipt, giving you full details including a receipt number.

If you need further information, please read our detailed Online Payments Guidance Notes (PDF, 307KB).

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Photocopying charges are:

  • A4 Black and White - 20p per sheet
  • A4 Colour - 75p per sheet
  • A3 Black and White - 30p per sheet
  • A3 Colour - £1.30 per sheet

Visit the Kuario web page for instructions how to use Wi-Fi printing and copying services with Kuario.

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Loan periods and rental/hire charges 

  • Books (Adult and Children's) - FREE up to 4 weeks
  • Magazines - FREE for 1 week
  • eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines - FREE up to 3 weeks
  • Spoken Word/Language Sets - £2.55 for 4 weeks
  • CD-Roms - £1.50 for 2 weeks
  • Reading Group Sets - £10 for 6 weeks

Library members with disabilities which prevent them from reading or using a book, may be exempt from some hire charges. The Library will need to see a registration card or supporting letter from a doctor.

You can renew an item up to 4 times before it needs to be taken to a library. There are several reasons why you may not be able to renew an item and you can find full details on the Renew and Reserve web page.

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Charges for making reservations were reintroduced on 1 September 2021. You can place 6 reservations at any one time.

Reservation fees are payable in advance and are not refundable.

There is also a charge to reserve SELMS Partnership Library loans.

  • Adult Books - £1 per item
  • Children's Books - FREE
  • Children's Picture Books - FREE (Maximum 8)
  • Teen/Young Adult Books - FREE
  • Books on CD - FREE
  • CD-Roms - FREE
  • Language Sets - £1 per item
  • SELMS Reservations - £3 per item

Please note that the reservation charge relates to the classification of the library item and not to the age of the library member. For example, an adult book reserved by a holder of a teen library card would have to pay a reservation fee for the book.

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  • Self-Service Scanning - FREE plus any charge for computer access where applicable.
  • Staff Assisted Scanning - Charged at £1 per page plus any charge for computer access where applicable.

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Last Updated: 20 October 2021