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All libraries have photocopiers for public use and fax and laminating services are available at selected libraries.
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We now offer self-service Wi-Fi photocopying using KUARIO at these libraries:

  • Bletchley Library
  • Central Library
  • Kingston Library
  • Newport Pagnell Library
  • Olney Library
  • Westcroft Library
  • Woburn Sands Library
  • Wolverton Library

Please note that the photocopying service closes 15 minutes before the advertised library closing time.

Photocopying charges are:

  • A4 Black and White - 20p per sheet
  • A4 Colour - 75p per sheet
  • A3 Black and White - 30p per sheet
  • A3 Colour - £1.30 per sheet

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Photocopying restrictions and copyright

Photocopies can be made for research or private study. Any photocopying you do must comply with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. The following table shows some of the restrictions that apply. Please ask library staff if you're unsure about what you are allowed to copy.


Up to one complete chapter or a maximum of 5% of extracts from each book for private study or research.


You aren't allowed to copy whole extracts for commercial purposes but you can copy "a few pages" for private study or research. This also applies to copying typed text from paper format into a word processed document.


Only one article from any periodical issue for private study or research.

Printed music

Only short extracts can be copied for private study or research. Copying whole movements or whole works is strictly forbidden. NO multiple copies.

Ordnance survey maps

Up to four copies of the same A4 extract or a single extract of an OS map may be copied for private study or research. A declaration form needs to be completed and copying must be overseen by library staff.

Yellow pages

One classified section can be copied from each book as long as it's no more than five pages for private study or research. No copies can be made for commercial or business use.

Goad Plans : detailed plans of shopping areas

Students can copy extracts if student ID is shown. Up to four A4 copies of a single extract can be copied. Copying must be overseen by library staff and a copyright declaration form completed.

Other restrictions

You are NOT allowed to copy:

  • Banknotes and other money
  • Bonds
  • Cheques
  • Stocks and share certificates
  • Unused postage and tax revenue stamps

Single copies of driving licences and identification cards can be taken for personal use.

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Please note that the laminating service stops 10 minutes before the advertised Library closing time.

Charges for laminating are per sheet:

  • A4 - £1
  • A3 - £1.50

Available at these libraries:

  • Bletchley Library - A4/A3
  • Central Library - A4/A3
  • Kingston Library - A4
  • Newport Pagnell Library - A4/A3
  • Olney Library - A4/A3
  • Westcroft Library - A4
  • Woburn Sands Library - A4/A3

It may be useful to have a photocopy laminated, particularly in case of important documents.

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Fax service

Please note that the fax service stops 10 minutes before the advertised Library closing time.

Charges are per A4 page:

  • Receiving - £1.20
  • Sending within the UK - £1.80
  • Sending to Europe - £2.56
  • Sending to the rest of the world - £3.10

Fax numbers for libraries:

The only libraries that currently offer fax services are:

  • Central (Reference) Library - (01908) 606283
  • Wolverton Library - (01908) 312812

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Last Updated: 20 October 2021