Access for All

We provide services to meet the requirements of adults and children with individual needs, from physical and learning disabilities, special circumstances (like those who are housebound) or people whose first language is not English.

All our libraries are accessible to people with a disability. Please see the Library Branches page for details or contact us to discuss your accessibility requirements.

Our Reference Library holds a wealth of information about disability, and local and national organisations representing the interests of disabled people and are happy to help.

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We provide many services for people with special requirements:

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Accessible IT at Milton Keynes Libraries

Help for people with special requirements:

  • People's Network computer workstations in our libraries are accessible to all.

Useful Websites:

  • RNIB - Royal National Institute of the Blind offers practical support and information to anyone with a sight problem including a useful section on Access Technology Factsheets.
  • The ITCH (IT Can Help) Network of volunteers provides FREE computer support to disabled people, visiting people in their own homes and at other locations such as residential homes and day centres. ITCH can be accesed through the AbilityNet website.
  • AbilityNet - a UK based charity who work with people to help them get online.

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Basic Skills Services

Help From Your Library - Basic Skills:

Milton Keynes Libraries provide a range of material to help you improve your basic skills.

We have books to help you improve your reading skills. Some of the books come with a CD or cassette so that you can follow the text as it is read.

These are free to borrow but you will need to join the library to borrow books.

We have various library resources that you may find helpful if you have dyslexia.

Basic Skills Resources for Students and Tutors:

Help from Adult Continuing Education:

Help is available in Milton Keynes for adults wishing to improve their reading, writing, maths and spelling skills. To find out more contact Skills for Life at Adult Continuing Education.

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Library Resources for People with Dyslexia

  • eAudiobooks
  • Large Print Books
  • Graphic Novels - these are books which tell a story using a combination of words and drawings in box strips, like a comic. The variety of subject matter and the quality of the art work make them very popular with all ages, especially teenagers.
  • Basic Skills Collection
  • Computers at Libraries
  • Quick Reads - if you prefer not get into a full-length book, you should try one of the Quick Reads. These are short, well-written books aimed at grabbing your interest. You can get Quick Reads in two different forms:
    • as a book with ordinary size print
    • as an audio pack including the book and an audio version of it on both tape and CD.

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Learning English as a Second Language (ESOL)

Help from your local library:

  • If you want to learn English our libraries have a range of materials to help you. We have books, CDs and cassettes which are all free to borrow but you need to join the library.
  • We stock books in languages other than English which can be borrowed from libraries.
  • We also have magazines and newspapers in community languages which can be read at some of our libraries.
  • Community Learning MK (CLMK) provide courses for learners who speak English as a second or additional language and live in the UK. Most other learners must now pay a higher fee which will vary depending on the length of the courses. To find out more please phone 01908 556700.

Useful Websites:

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Library Services for People with a Hearing Impairment

Bookshine for children 0-4 years

There is a Royal National Institute for the Deaf Drop-in session at Bletchley Library.

Useful Web Links for Anyone with a Hearing Impairment
Help for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People from Milton Keynes Council Milton Keynes Sensory Service offers services to people in Milton Keynes with a hearing impairment.
RNID Campaigns in many ways to make daily life better for deaf and hard of hearing people. It supports deaf and hard of hearing people by providing free information via helplines, running vital services, supporting scientific and technological research, and running the RNID Typetalk telephone relay service. It also helps other organisations to provide better services to their deaf and hard of hearing employees and customers.
Hearing Concern A national charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for those that are hard of hearing. A volunteer led organisation whose main objectives are to provide advice, information and support, to promote communication access and to raise public and professional awareness of the issues associated with hearing loss.
‚ÄčMilton Keynes Deaf Children's Society Aims to provide education, health and welfare advice to parents of deaf children. Holds social and fund raising events.
Community Learning MK Contact Community Learning MK for details of Sign Language Courses.
American Sign Language A useful site offering links, guides, fact sheets and information about the American Sign Language system.

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Library Services for People with a Visual Impairment

Milton Keynes Libraries offers the following FREE services to people with a visual impairment:

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Useful Web Links for Anyone with a Visual Impairment
Help for People who are Blind or Partially Sighted from Milton Keynes Council Milton Keynes Sensory Service offers services to people in Milton Keynes with a visual impairment.
RNIB National Library Service Provides a gateway to library and information services for visually impaired people. NLB's Lending Library has an extensive collection of books for children and adults in Grade 1 and 2 Braille and in Moon. It also has a Braille Music Library, a small collection of large print and audio books and a Giant Print Library for children and young people. Stock includes fiction, non-fiction and reference material to meet your leisure, information and lifelong learning needs.
RNIB Library Catalogue now incorporating Revealweb Giving you access to over 170,000 items available for loan and/or sale in audio, large and giant print, braille and Moon.
Milton Keynes Reader Service A voluntary organisation providing one-to-one reading/writing service for local people with sensory or physical disabilities provided by trained volunteers. Services are free to any disabled person living in the Milton Keynes area who finds accessing information difficult due to their disability and to local organisations who need advice on presenting information in alternative formats.
 Sound News Local newspapers are read and recorded on to tape once a week at the Open University and distributed to people in the Milton Keynes area who are unable to read a newspaper through physical and visual disability.
Calibre Audio Library Aims to provide the pleasure of reading to anyone who cannot read ordinary print books, whether because of sight problems or some other difficulty. We have over 19,500 members, and offer a choice of more than 8,000 titles to borrow, all recorded unabridged on MP3 or cassettes. For copyright reasons, users must provide proof that they are eligible for the service. The service is FREE to individuals.
Bucks Vision Provides specialist services for people who are blind and partially sighted in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council and Milton Keynes Council. Staff can provide advice, information on the help that is available and training to maintain independence. Volunteers provide social clubs and a visiting scheme.
Royal National Institute of Blind People The leading charity offering practical support and information to anyone with a sight problem.

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Last Updated: 18 December 2017