Friends Groups and Milton Keynes Libraries

Friends Groups can help support and enhance libraries in our local communities.

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We're hoping to start a Friends Group for Central Library and would love to hear from anyone interested in joining the group and offering support to the library. It doesn't need to be a big commitment as every little helps. For an informal chat, please contact Garry Mitchell on 01908 254068 or send us an email.

Please email us if you would like to know more about Friends Groups.

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We are in challenging and changing times and libraries are rapidly becoming even more indispensable to their local communities. Friends Groups can help support and enhance libraries in our local communities.

Friends Groups provide an important contribution to support and maintain awareness of a library in a local community. They work in partnership with Milton Keynes Libraries and local library teams. Their support helps to promote the role of Milton Keynes Libraries which provides access to resources and information, encourages reading, improves literacy and contributes to learning, health and wellbeing.

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What do Friends Groups do?

Friends Groups are involved in and support a wide range of activities which can include fundraising activities, obtaining sponsorship, supporting activities in libraries, support the recruitment of volunteers and deliver additional programmes of events and activities, such as local fetes and festivals that complement those provided by Milton Keynes Libraries. They act as champions for the library. They do not replace library staff. They also provide valuable feedback to Milton Keynes Libraries about services that are provided.

Friends Groups are also a great way of meeting new people and helping out the local community. They can be fun and creative and help put libraries at the heart of their communities. It can be very rewarding for the group and the individuals involved.

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How do Friends Groups operate?

All Friends Groups need to be constituted and have elected members and processes in place. They need to have insurance cover for any activities they provide outside of library opening times. They need to reflect the range of social, ethnic and cultural groups and individuals of all ages and backgrounds served by the library.

They need to have a core of keen people willing to make time for it as well as having access to a wide range of skills. They will need to recruit members, decide whether to have a subscription fee and maintain their financial arrangements. They will need to decide how often the committee meet and how often it will be subject to election.

Friends Groups will be supported by Milton Keynes Libraries and give them information about the library needs and be clear in communicating what your financial contribution does. Together they will plan ahead so that events and activities compliment and do not conflict. Libraries will be available for meetings and activities either during or outside of normal opening hours with agreement of the local library manager.

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FoSSL - Friends of Stony Stratford Library

The Friends of Stony Stratford Library represents the interests of users of the Library and provides a means of dialogue between users, staff and Milton Keynes Council.

If you would like to find out more about FoSSL please ask at the library or email FoSSL Group directly.

If you would enjoy helping library users and can spare a few hours a week, the Friends of Stony Stratford Library would love to hear from you. They are seeking volunteers to help extend the opening hours. For more information please speak with a member of staff at the library.

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FoLiO - Friends of the Library in Olney

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FoLiO was started by Olney community volunteers to assist adding value to Olney Library and keep it at the heart of the Olney community.

If you would like to find out more about Friends of Olney Library please ask at the library or email Olney Folio Group directly.

FoLiO have also set up a regular reading group called the Folio Book Club.

You can keep up to date with Olney Library on the FoLiO Facebook Page.

FoLiO now publish a newsletter with updates on Olney Library and you can read online copies here:

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Last Updated: 30 July 2019