Reading Groups

Do you enjoy reading? Would you like to talk about what you have read? Would you like to share your views with an informal group? Then why not join a Reading Group.

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What is a Reading Group?

A Reading Group is a group of people who love reading and get together to talk about books - new titles, contemporary novels, best-sellers, or any other kind of book!

All around the country people are joining reading groups. Some have been running for many years, some are just starting up.

We currently have reading groups at Central Library, Wolverton Library, Stony Stratford Library and a special group for the Visually Impaired (VIP).

Why not think about setting up your own reading group?  The Library can help you with special memberships and book collections.

If you are already a member of a reading group and looking for new members, your local library may be able to help; we are often asked if we know of any reading groups with vacancies.

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Borrowing Book Sets 

Once a Reading Group has registered with Milton Keynes Libraries and has a membership card, they can borrow book sets from the Reading Group Collection.

We currently have over 100 sets of Reading Group titles. Each set contains 10 copies of the same title, a large print and audio book title may also be available on request. There is a hire charge for each set of books borrowed - please see our list of charges.

We serve over 30 Reading Groups so it is advisable to book titles well in advance. Please try to return all copies together. A list of the titles available can be found on the website or from your nearest library.

This collection is also used by Buckinghamshire Library Service and it is advisable to request titles well in advance of the date they will be needed. These titles must be returned with all copies present.

We can try to obtain multiple copies of a title from normal library stock. Please note that we will not be able to do this for new and popular titles. It is advisable to check with library staff as to how many copies are available. Again it is a good idea to request well in advance.

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What if a group member doesn't return a book?

Missing and damaged items will need to be replaced or paid for. The guarantor will be responsible for this.

For new groups or groups with members who don’t know each other very well it may be a good idea to have some sort of deposit scheme. For example the average cost of a paperback book is approximately £7. Members of a group could pay a deposit of £7 to be held by the guarantor. This would be refunded when they leave the group providing they had returned all items borrowed.

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What if the named guarantor leaves the group?

If the named guarantor leaves the group you will need to let the library know that you are no longer responsible for the group membership card.

If you pass the group membership card on to someone else without informing us you will still be held responsible for the items borrowed on that card. 

The new guarantor for the group will need to bring appropriate identification to the library and register. Once the library has been informed of a change, the group membership card can then be passed on. 

We will put a stop on the group card until the new guarantor has been in and registered.

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Last Updated: 29 November 2021