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Updates about news and activities across all nine libraries and the Mobile Library.

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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Libraries News! 

The previous quarterly Newsletters have now been replaced with Bulletins that are published when we have any news to share. 

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If you would like to subscribe to the bulletins, use the pop-up invitation which appears when you visit any page on the council website or enter your name in the box at the top of any of the Bulletins below. When you sign up you will be able to select which areas you're interested in receiving news about - may we suggest you choose 'Libraries'!

We look forward to hearing your comments, feedback and news and hope you will take the time to email us.

You can view published Bulletins in your browser using the following links:

You can view previously published newsletters in your browser or download the documents:

A link to the council Privacy Statement is at the bottom of every web page and policies/guidelines specific to Milton Keynes Libraries can be found on our Library Policies web page.

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Last Updated: 28 November 2019