Renew and Reserve Items

Library members can renew items they already have on loan or reserve new items for collection. On this page, you can see Frequently Asked Questions and answers about borrowing items.

Books issued at Central Library have now been renewed until 30 June 2021. You can check the return dates for books borrowed on your library card by logging in to My Library to see your library account.

All libraries (except Central Library) are now open. Visit the Re-opening Libraries page for full details of services available. We continue to offer the Click and Collect service and you can find the latest news on the FAQs During Library Closures page.

Please note that there are currently no computers available for use at any of the libraries and study spaces remain closed.

If you love your library and would like to show support, please consider a donation.


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How long can I borrow items for?

  • Books and Audiobooks - 3 weeks
  • Magazines - 1 week
  • eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks - check the Digital Books web page

How many items can I borrow?

  • Membership allows 3 books or magazines PLUS 5 eBooks, 5 eAudiobooks and unlimited eMagazines.
  • Upgraded Membership allows 15 books, magazines or audiobooks PLUS 5 eBooks, 5 eAudiobooks and unlimited eMagazines.
During the Covid disruption members can borrow up to 2 titles each for eBooks and eAudiobooks. When normal service is resumed, this will increase to 5 titles again. You can still borrow an unlimited number of eMagazines.

Where can I borrow, renew or return items?

When you become a member of Milton Keynes Libraries you can borrow, renew and return items at any of our nine libraries or the Mobile Library.

How long is my item renewed for?

Renewed items are extended by the same loan period that you initially borrowed it for:

  • Books and Audiobooks - 3 weeks
  • Magazines - 1 week

What if the return date falls when a library is closed?

Dates will be automatically adjusted to avoid any dates we are closed.

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How do I renew my items?

You can renew your items in person at any library (including the Mobile Library), by telephone or online through your library account.

How do I renew my items by phone?

You will need to have your library card number and library PIN to renew items by phone.

You can use the 24 hour Automated Telephone Renewal Service by dialling 0303 123 0035 and selecting option 4 for Milton Keynes Libraries (not option 2 for Buckinghamshire).

Calls to this number are charged at local rate.

  • When entering your library card number only enter the numbers (not any letters - ignore the B at the beginning and, if applicable, the X at the end).
  • If you wish to renew an individual item you will need to enter the barcode number from the inside cover of the book.
  • When renewing a chargeable item, any hire charges will be added to your card and should be paid when you next visit the library.

Alternatively, you can phone any library branch to renew your items.

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How do I renew my items online?

You need to log in to My Library using your library card number and your library PIN.

Can I renew a chargeable item?

When renewing a chargeable item, any hire charge will be added to your library account. The charge can be paid online with a credit/debit card using the Library Online Payment service or in cash when you next visit the library.

Please remember that if there are outstanding fines above £10 on an adult account or £5 on a child’s account, your account services will be limited.

Why can’t I renew my items?

You won’t be able to renew your items online if:

  • Your items have been renewed 4 times already
  • Another customer has put in a request for the item
  • There is an outstanding query on your account
  • There are outstanding fines above £10 (adults) or £5 (children)

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What do I do if I’ve already renewed my items 4 times?

You’ll need to take the items to any of the libraries (or Mobile Library) before the due date to have them re-issued. You’ll then be able to renew them again online another 4 times.

What do I do if I can’t renew my items online?

If you are having problems, please phone us on 01908 254050 (or any of our libraries) and we'll be able to help. If your query isn't urgent, you can email us or fill in the online enquiry form.

My items are overdue. Why can't I renew them?

If an item is overdue when you try to renew it, you will need to pay any overdue fines first. Once the fines are paid, you can then renew the item.

Will I be fined if I can’t renew my items online?

If your items are not renewed before the due date, you will be liable for overdue charges. We suggest renewing your items a day or two before the due date to ensure there aren’t any problems. We're always happy to help and the quickest way is to phone 01908 254050.

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Why does it say my membership is due to expire?

Library memberships are periodically checked to make sure we have the correct details. To confirm your information, just speak with a member of staff at any library.

If your membership is due to expire within the renewal period, you won’t be able to renew your items until you’ve spoken with a member of staff. Phone us on 01908 254050 if you can’t visit a library in time.

How do I see my library account online?

You will need your library card and PIN to access your online account.

Where do I find my Library Card number?

The number is shown below the barcode on your library card and looks like B123456789 or B12345678X.

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What is my Library PIN?

When you join Milton Keynes Libraries you are issued with a four digit PIN. This can be changed online when you log in to your library account.

Why do I need a Library PIN?

You will need your PIN and your library membership card number (from the barcode on your library card) if you want to see or manage your account, renew or reserve items online or access your free computer session at libraries.

You’ll also need to know your PIN and have your library card with you each time you want to use the Libraries Xtra service to access libraries outside of staffed hours.

Have you lost or forgotten your PIN?

If you don’t know your PIN but we have an email address on record, then you can use the Forgot Your PIN option on the Log in to My Library screen. Type in your library card number and surname and we’ll email your PIN to you.

If you don’t have an email address or we don’t have it on record, please contact your local library either in person or by phone. You’ll need to have your library card number (from the barcode on your library card) to do this. Once we have confirmed your identity, we’ll tell you your PIN.

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How do I pay fines?

We accept cash at all Milton Keynes Libraries but we do not currently process credit/debit card transactions or electronic refunds.

Cash payments can be made at self-service kiosks at all libraries. The kiosks take coins as well as £5/£10 notes and give change.

You can pay online with your credit/debit card using the Library Online Payment service. You’ll need to log in to your online account to do this.

How do I make online payments?

You can pay online with your credit/debit card using the Library Online Payment service. You’ll need to log in to your online account to do this.

Your library account will show a link to your outstanding fines and charges and show a breakdown of the outstanding total. From here, you can select the items you want to pay and click Pay Online.

When making your payment please remember to enter your debit/credit card number with no spaces and your name exactly as it appears on the card.

If you have registered for Verified by Visa or Secure Code you will also be asked to enter that information.

Once you have confirmed your payment you will be able to print your page as a receipt, giving you full details including a receipt number.

If you need further information, please read our detailed Online Payments Guidance Notes (PDF, 321KB).

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How can I remember when my items are due back?

When you borrow items, the self-service kiosks print a receipt telling you the due date.

You can also check the return dates for your items through your online account.

Can I receive reminders when my items are due back?

Yes. You can sign up for emails including:

  • Renewals - giving you a few days’ notice of your due date.
  • Reservations - notification that your reserved item is ready for collection.

PLEASE NOTE: These notices are a courtesy service only and it remains your responsibility to return your items by the due date.

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How do I set up the library emailing service?

You will need your library card number and PIN to log in to My Library.

  • Go to the Personal Details section to check that we have your current email address. You can change your email address if you need to.
  • Select your preferred library from the drop down menu.
  • Tick the receive library notices via email box.
  • Remember to click on Update to save the changes you have made and log out.

Has your library card been lost or stolen?

You can email us to report your library card lost. Please provide your name, address and postcode. At the earliest point, the card will be marked as 'Reported Lost' until you next visit a library with relevant ID and choose to either reinstate or replace your card.

Until you notify the library that your card is missing, any items borrowed on your card remain your responsibility.

There is a £3 charge for replacing a library card.

If your card has been stolen and reported to the police, you can present your Police Crime Number to library staff and there will be no charge for the replacement.

To obtain your replacement card you will need to come to the library with proof of your current address dated within the last 3 months and proof of your signature.

Your replacement card will be issued to you immediately and you can start borrowing.

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How do I prove my identity?

The following are the recommended forms of ID although other documents may be acceptable at the discretion of library service staff.

Proof of address documents must have been issued within the last three months:

  • driving licence
  • bank/credit card statement
  • electricity, gas, water or phone bill
  • rent book
  • council tax document
  • state benefit document

Proof of Signature:

  • Driving Licence
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Card
  • Passport
  • Student Union Card
  • Connexions Card

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Why would I want to reserve a library item?

Perhaps you need a particular text book for your studies or want the latest title by your favourite author.

If you check the Library Catalogue for the item you want and it’s not available, you can reserve it. As soon as the item is returned, it will be set aside for you to collect. There may be a waiting list and your name will be added in order.

There may be a charge for this service but children's and teen books are free to reserve.

What items can I reserve?

Magazines and Reference Library stock cannot be reserved.

We can only take reservations for items that are already in library stock or on order (these will show up on the Library Catalogue). You can always complete an online form to suggest new purchases or speak to staff at any library.

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Do I have to be a library member to reserve an item?

Yes, you must be a library member before you can make a reservation. If you’re not already a member though - it’s free to join at any library.

How do I reserve an item?

You can place a reservation in person at any of the Milton Keynes Libraries or online through the Library Catalogue.

How do I make an online reservation?

To make a reservation you’ll need to:

  1. Search the Library Catalogue for the item you want.
  2. When you find it, click on the title to see more details.
  3. At the top of the page click on the grey button to Place Reservation.
  4. Enter your library card number from the barcode on your library card and your library PIN and click OK.
  5. Choose which library you would like to collect your item from.
  6. There is a charge for this service. The reservation fee will be added to your card. You can pay by credit/debit card using the Library Online Payment service or in person at any library.
  7. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for collection and the latest collection date. You can choose to receive notifications by email otherwise you’ll receive a letter by post.

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What if you don’t have the item I want?

If we don’t have the item you want, we can try to find it for you.

SELMS - Milton Keynes Libraries is a member of the South East Library Management System (SELMS), a consortium of library authorities based in the south east of England and working together to widen access to resources for all their customers.

Milton Keynes Libraries members can use their card in any of these authorities either in person or online to access services and more than 6 million items.

Members can reserve library catalogue items online from the following Partner Libraries:

  • Brighton and Hove
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Camden
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • Medway
  • Reading
  • Richmond
  • Slough
  • Southend on Sea
  • Southwark
  • West Berkshire
  • Windsor and Maidenhead

You’ll need your library card number and PIN to place a reservation and a SELMS reservation charge is made for this service.

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How do I reserve an item from the other partner (SELMS) libraries?

  1. Search the Library Catalogue for the item you want.
  2. If you can’t find it in our catalogue, the screen suggestions section gives you the option to: Try this search in the SELMS Catalogue.
  3. Click there and it will search all partner libraries' stock.
  4. If the book is available, select the item you want to reserve and click Place Reservation. (Please note that items reserved from our partner libraries will take longer to arrive at Milton Keynes.)
  5. Choose which library you would like to collect your item from.
  6. To complete the reservation, you must select the Items to reserve as  Any item held at SELMS. (By selecting this option you agree to your library membership information being shared with the other library services in the SELMS network in the same way as at your home library.)

There is a reservation charge for this service and it will be added to your card. Please pay online or when you next visit the library.

When the item is ready for collection we will let you know and tell you the latest collection date.

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Last Updated: 14 May 2021