Heritage at risk

The Conservation and Archaeology Team maintain the Heritage at Risk register for the borough.  This list seeks to not only identify but monitor the condition of heritage assets (sites and buildings) at risk so that the team may ensure that action is taken to safeguard the significant heritage of the borough. 

Heritage Assets at Risk at are prioritised so that action is taken on those buildings at the greatest risk of loss. 

Where a heritage asset is identified as requiring remedial works the Conservation and Archaeology Team will contact the owners to agree a course of action to safeguard the asset.  The Council’s Conservation Officers provide advice and assistance in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the building. 

Milton Keynes Council is able to undertake enforcement action where unauthorised work or neglect have led to loss of or damage to historic buildings or other assets. 

The team regularly review and update the Heritage at Risk Register with the aim of ensuring that no building or other heritage asset is allowed to fall into disuse, disrepair or disregard. 

Last Updated: 30 November 2017