MK New Town Heritage Register

MK New Town Heritage Register

The Register

Milton Keynes is the last, largest and most ambitious of the all the new towns, the combination of its scale, distinctive grid layout, architectural and landscape driven design will not be seen again in this country. Its architecture, art, planning, green landscapes, public realm and infrastructure all contribute to its unique character and its local, national and international significance.

Some individual new town assets have already been recognised by the government and its advisors, Historic England as being nationally important, being designated grade II listed buildings.

However, beyond these are many buildings, structures, landscapes, artworks and places of local significance that are valued because they contribute to the distinctive identity of Milton Keynes.

The MK New Town Heritage Register seeks to identify, bring together and celebrate those assets that make an important contribution in order to inform planning decisions that affect them. It also hopes to form a basis on which to positively promote the unique new town heritage of Milton Keynes, aiding investment and other cultural projects. Ultimately, the Heritage Register website will show the location and nature of the assets, bringing together walks and tours to help residents, visitors and workers in MK understand, appreciate and enjoy it.


Nominations to The Register - 23 January to 23 March 2018

Milton Keynes Council is seeking nominations to the Register.

Make your nomination online 

Anyone can nominate an asset via the nomination form on this website. In order for your nomination to be considered you will need to explain how you feel the asset meets the approved Selection Criteria (PDF, 1.6MB). To help with this, we have put together some examples (PDF, 1.6MB) of possible heritage assets that might be considered for the Heritage Register along with an explanation as to how they might at least three of the selection criteria. These examples have not been 'approved' in any way so feel free to nominate them yourself. Where you are able to, we would encourage you to attach a photograph of the asset so that we can see exactly what it is that you are nominating.

Following the close of the nomination period, an initial technical sift of the nominations will be carried out. Those that progress will be considered by a selection panel made up of experts and local stakeholders. The selection panel will pass its recommendation to Milton Keynes Council for final approval to add to The Register.

The conclusion of this stage will result in the first incarnation of the New Town Heritage Register. After this, the process will continue around any further nominations that are made.



In addition to the Selection Criteria (PDF, 1.6MB), the Statement of Significance (PDF, 14.7MB) assesses the significance of Milton Keynes new town in the wider context, identifting key themes on which the  criteria are based.


Ashton House - MK New Town Heritage Register
Ashton House, Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes Development Corporation, 1975-79


Background - MK New Town Heritage Register, a 'local list'

Such schemes have been used widely by local authorities, normally referred to as a ‘local list’. A local list must not be confused with the statutory list of ‘Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest’, or ‘listed buildings’, as they are more commonly known. The latter are considered nationally significant and designated by the government and Historic England, works to them are controlled under separate legislation.

Adding an asset to a local list does not bring additional consent requirements  or restrictions over and above those already required for planning permission. It can however, help to inform planning decisions in a way that conserves and enhances local character and identity but allows growth. Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the conservation and contribution of heritage assets on a local list is a material consideration in planning decisions that directly affect them or their setting.

A local list does not seek to protect every asset from a theme. For assets to be added to the MK New Town Heritage Register they must meet the selection criteria. The MK New Town Register is aimed at informing balanced development proposals and planning decisions, celebrating the local identity of MK and positively promoting its unique heritage.

New Town Statutorily Listed Buildings

The architectural interest and artistic significance of the following buildings and sculptures has already been identified by government, they are all statutorily grade II listed buildings:

The Shopping Building, Central Library, the former bus station (Elder Gate), houses at Cofferidge Close, Silver Street Stony Stratford, Octo (CMK) and 2MS Series No.1 sculpture (Bletchley).

The descriptions and reasons for designation of the statutorily listed new town buildings can be viewed on the National Heritage Register website.

Last Updated: 31 January 2018