Draft Landscape Character Assessment

This Draft Landscape Character Asessment (LCA) was prepared in 2006/2007 as a background technical document for the Core Strategy Preferred Options. The LCA identifies seven Landscape Character Areas; for each area there is an assessment of its key characteristics and an evaluation of the strength of character, condition and sensitivity, culminating in a set of guidelines for the management and development of the area.

MKC has recently commissioned the review and finalisation of the draft LCA. It is expected that this updated assessment will be available for comments in the autumn of 2014. 

Draft Landscape Character Assessment 2006/2007

Draft LCA Part 1 (PDF, 550KB)

Draft LCA Part 2 (PDF, 831KB)

Character Assessments

1. Yardley Ridge Character Assessment (PDF, 336KB)

2. Ouse Valley Character Assessment (PDF, 404KB)

3. Tove Valley Character Assessment (PDF, 318KB)

4. Shenley Claylands Character Assessment (PDF, 321KB)

5. Chicheley/Crawley Claylands Character Assessment (PDF, 325KB)

6. Clayland Fringes Character Assessment (PDF, 350KB)

7. Brickhills Greensand Ridge Character Assessment (PDF, 865KB)


LCA Appendix A1 (PDF, 247KB)

LCA Appendix A2 (PDF, 494KB)

LCA Appendix A3 (PDF, 1.3MB)

LCA Appendix A4 (PDF, 291KB)

LCA Appendix A5 (PDF, 948KB)

LCA Appendix A6 (PDF, 1.2MB)

LCA Appendix A7 (PDF, 293KB)

LCA Appendix A8 (PDF, 522KB)

LCA Appendix A9 (PDF, 411KB)

LCA Appendix A10 (PDF, 1.6MB)

LCA Appendix A11 (PDF, 322KB)

LCA Appendix B (PDF, 58KB)

LCA Appendix C (PDF, 98KB)

LCA Appendix D (PDF, 30KB)

LCA Appendix E (PDF, 31KB)

LCA Appendix F (PDF, 11KB)

LCA Appendix G (PDF, 30KB)

LCA Appendix H (PDF, 30KB)




Last Updated: 30 November 2017