Draft Sustainable Construction Supplementary Planning Document

The consultation on this document is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has made comments, the team are now working through them. The report will be published in due course.

Presentation of Draft Sustainable Construction SPD

The Development Plans team have made a YouTube presentation on this SPD.  It was broadcast live on Thursday 12 November 2020 between 14:00 - 15:00. 

To watch the presentation click the link below:

Milton Keynes Council YouTube Page


Draft Sustainable Construction Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 2020


The Council is consulting on a revised Draft Sustainable Construction Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) following the adoption of the Milton Keynes Local Plan, Plan:MK in March 2019. 

A Delegated Decisions Report for the 20 October 2020 authorising this consultation is available at the following link:

Delegated Decisions Report 20 October 2020

The SPD will support policies in Plan:MK and will supersede the following adopted planning documents:

  • Sustainable Construction SPD 2007
  • Calculating Carbon Neutrality guidance note

This document will be considered a material consideration in the determination of planning applications submitted to the Council.

Public consultation on this SPD will run for a period of nine weeks, commencing on Monday 02 November 2020 until Monday 4 January 2021.  All comments on the SPD must be received no later than:

5.00pm on Monday 21 December 2020.

At the end of the consultation period, a report will be prepared to reflect the comments received throughout the consultation.  Any comments received will be considered by the Council and the Sustainable Construction SPD will be amended accordingly. The final version of the SPD will subsequently be adopted by the Council’s Cabinet, replacing the existing guidance note and SPD adopted by the Council.

The preferred method for submitting comments is on a Consultation Response Form which can be downloaded below.  Please return your completed form to us using the following email address:

Email: development.plans@milton-keynes.gov.uk

Or post: Milton Keynes Council, Development Plans, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ

The following documents form part of this consultation:

  1. Draft Sustainable Construction SPD (PDF, 3.1MB)
  2. Annex C: Energy and Climate Statement Template (PDF, 310KB)
  3. Consultation Response Form (DOCX, 30KB)
  4. Statement of Representations Procedure (PDF, 146KB)
  5. Guidance Note for Respondents (PDF, 135KB)
  6. SEA Screening Statement (PDF, 596KB)

For any questions or queries regarding this consultation, or if you would like to express an interest in participating in a virtual Q&A session about this SPD please contact the Development Plans Team via email at:



Last Updated: 18 January 2021