Central Milton Keynes (CMK)

Central Milton Keynes, known locally as CMK, is the city centre for Milton Keynes and a major regional shopping, leisure and employment centre.  CMK stretches from the railway station and West Coast Mainline to the Grand Union Canal (i.e. it includes Campbell Park), and, bounded to the north by Portway (H5) and the south by Childs Way (H6).  The total area of CMK is 342ha of which 99ha is Campbell Park. 

Development commenced on CMK in the mid 1970s with Lloyds Court the first completed building in 1976.  The then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opened the centre:MK in 1979. 

There used to be two local councils that represented the CMK area; CMK Town Council and Campbell Park Parish Council.  Following a parish boundary review in 2010 there is now one Town Council covering CMK, as defined in planning terms (i.e. including Campbell Park), divided in 3 ‘parish wards’.  

Central Milton Keynes has:
·         An annual footfall of over 50 million visitors

·         250 shops, over 90 restaurants, bars and cafes and 680 businesses

·         An area of 845acres / 342 hectares split into 20 grid blocks each approximately 1km intervals

·         Approximately 10,000 trees and over 65,000m2  of shrubs (equivalent to 10 football pitches)

·         59,000 street lights in CMK, this is as many as the whole of Cambridgeshire

·         Midsummer Boulevard runs east to west from the shopping centres to the station and is as wide as the M1 from building to building

·         3 tree lined dual carriageway boulevards running from the Central Station in the West to Campbell Park in the East

·         6 gates – the roads leading into and across the centre, North/South
17 roundabouts and 11 traffic light junctions

Last Updated: 24 September 2020