Eastern Expansion Area (EEA)

EEA Broughton Gate
Broughton Gate City street. Primary school at Brooklands in background

The Eastern Expansion Area (EEA) of Milton Keynes is a 400 hectare site immediately west of the M1 Motorway with Junction 13 its most northerly point and the A421 forming its southern boundary.

The EEA includes the residential areas of Broughton Gate with 1,500 homes, now largely complete, and Brooklands of 2,500 homes, with around 615 homes complete as of September 2015.   There is also a major employment site at Magna Park with large logistics / distribution centres providing 8,500 jobs when complete plus further employment at Glebe Lands.

The main traffic route through the EEA is in the form of a ‘city street’ which provides a public transport route with a bus prioritisation lane with higher density development on the roadside and connecting to Brooklands Square at the heart of the new community.  The Square will include a new large health centre (due to open in 2018), the entrance to the secondary school (due to open in September 2018), community facilities and shops. 

The first school in the EEA opened in September 2010.  Brooklands Farm Primary opened with two classes per year group then expanded in 2014 and now has three classes per year group and able to accommodate 630 pupils.  With the building of new homes coming on apace, and a rapidly growing young population, work on the second primary school opened its doors in September 2015.  On the same site as the new school will be a new combined sports pavilion and community centre with playing fields.  This new facility is also due to open in early 2016.

Work on the secondary school has now commenced with the first intake of students due in September 2018.

An active community development programme operates in the EEA to welcome new residents and support the formation of new community groups and projects.  Community Action MK delivers the programme thanks to funding from the Milton Keynes Tariff ( Find out more about the programme.  Funding of up to £5000 is available for new and existing charities and community groups who wish to provide services to our new residents living in MK’s expansion areas. Money can be used for new services or to expand existing ones. Get in touch with MK Community Foundation to apply.

Public open space and parkland are important features in the EEA.  The Brooklands Ridge, a 9m high landscaped ridge running alongside the M1 motorway is a new area of open green space to support nature but also provides protection from motorway noise and pollution.  Brooklands Meadows, designed to channel surface water and prevent flooding, is also an attractive site of ponds, reed beds and open space for residents to enjoy.  Broughton Brook, landscaped to improve drainage but also support nature and allow community access, runs through the EEA.  The brook has been safeguarded in the Local Plan (2005) as a potential future route for a new waterway between Bedford and Milton Keynes.

A Development Framework for the area was adopted by the Council in October 2005 and this sets out the overall ‘masterplan’ for the area.

Details of existing and current planning applications can be viewed on our Public Access web pages.

The Council also runs an ‘Eastern Expansion Area (EEA) Stakeholder Group’ where local residents, Councillors, town and parish councils and key organisations meet and discuss the planning and delivery of the site.  


Last Updated: 22 September 2020