Growing:MK Projects

Infrastructure Projects in Milton Keynes

The continued growth of Milton Keynes requires many new items of infrastructure to support the thousands of new residents, workers and visitors.

Below are some of the ongoing projects that the Infrastructure team are involved with and links to the relevant websites.

  • Bletchley, ‘Fixing the Links’ - Improvements to the pedestrian and cycle links between Bletchley town centre and Bletchley railway station. This project seeks to maximise the undoubted opportunities that will flow from East-West rail. 
  • East-West Rail - major project to establish a strategic railway connecting East Anglia with Central, Southern and Western England. 
  • Central Bletchley Prospectus - This document identifies some of the opportunities for transformational renewal [i.e. in the environs of Bletchley Railway Station] that will flow from the delivery of the East-West Rail project and future, direct, rail services between Bletchley and both Oxford and Cambridge
  • Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway Park - projects aims to connect the Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes with the Great Ouse River at Bedford, creating Britain’s first major waterway in a century
  • Kingston Roundabout Improvements and A421 Dualling – following a successful bid for £8.8m of Government funding the project seeks to make improvements and reduce congestion
  • CityFibre:Gigabit City Project - Milton Keynes is the first City to be chosen to benefit from £40million fully privately funded full fibre network delivered by CityFibre.

Last Updated: 29 January 2020