Local Investment Plan

Local Investment Plan

The Local Investment Plan (PDF, 4.3MB) (full version) sets out the vision and aspirations for Milton Keynes, as it continues growing towards its aim of 28,000 new homes and 40,000 new jobs. The plan outlines:

Local Policy and Commitments

The plan aims to achieve the growth and infrastructure set by existing policies and strategies, such as the council’s Corporate Plan and Core Strategy (replaced by Plan:MK in March 2019), through the following commitments:

  • 1,750 new homes per year between 2010-2026 (28,000 total)
  • New employment growth of 1.5 jobs per new home (40,000 total)
  • Regeneration of older estates, addressing historical construction issues

The new Local Plan, Plan:MK, details longer-term growth plans.

Infrastructure Requirements and Funding

The plan details the infrastructure required (by both the council and externally) to support the planned growth.

The estimated cost of this infrastructure is £1,055m (to 2031) and the plan analyses the £72m critical and £145m necessary infrastructure funding shortfall.  

Implementation Framework

The Local Investment Plan ensures local strategies, policies and commitments can be implemented effectively, through an implementation framework. This will ensure the right infrastructure is in the right place, at the right time, to support the planned growth and future prosperity of the borough. The implementation framework includes:

  • Infrastructure needs assessment
  • Priorities
  • Resources
  • Investment schedules
  • Programme management
  • Monitor and review

Working with Delivery Partners

The council is hugely committed to housing and business growth, with ambitious aspirations for the city. To achieve this, the council is committed to working with delivery partners.

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Last Updated: 27 July 2021