Western Expansion Area (WEA)


The ‘Western Expansion Area’ (WEA) is the largest of the expansion areas in Milton Keynes and covers 350ha west of V4 Watling Street, between Stony Stratford, Kiln Farm, Two Mile Ash, Crownhill and Grange Farm. The WEA consists of two major sites which are separated by Calverton Lane running through the middle. These sites are:

  • Whitehouse – (Area 10): 228ha site consisting of 4,400 dwellings and 6.5ha of employment land.
  • Fairfield’s (Area 11): 123ha site consisting of 2,200 dwellings and 9ha of employment land

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WEA proposed development
Location of proposed housing and infrastructure in the WEA

Last Updated: 28 July 2021