Western Flank (WF)

Oxley Park

Work on Oxley Park started in 2006 and is nearly complete.  By Christmas 2014 there were 1,280 homes complete out of a total of 1,410 homes.  The first building on site was Oxley Park School (now Oxley Park Academy) which opened in September 2008.  Oxley Park includes a local centre of several shops and restaurants around a public square.  Oxley Park Community Centre opened in October 2010 next door to the school.

A development framework was adopted by Milton Keynes Council in 2004 following a consultation period on the Oxley Park development.

Oxley Park includes Oxley Mead, a 3.7ha former hay meadow and one of only two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) within the urban area.  Oxley Park also has a prominent network of ponds and swales which help drain the area but also provide habitats for many animals and plants.

Because of a growing population there is mounting pressure on school places. After an exploration of options a decision has recently been taken to build a new primary school, federated to Oxley Park Academy, on land in Shenley Wood.

Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South 

The two estates sit either side of the H7 as it becomes Hayton Way at the far west of the urban area past Tattenhoe and Westcroft.  Development sits closer to the roadside and the two estates blend together near to Priory Rise primary school. Tattenhoe Park will consist of 1,330 homes when complete in 2029.  Kingsmead South will have 410 homes when complete in 2022.  

Both sites are in the ownership of the Homes and Communities Agency who invested in the primary infrastructure and is now progressing with the sale of parcels of land to developers.  Currently Barratt David Wilson Homes is building homes at the north of Tattenhoe Park and Taylor Wimpey is developing homes on Kingsmead South.

The primary school, Priory Rise, was the first building on site and opened in September 2008 with a small intake of pupils now rising to 420 places. As with Oxley Park School the early opening of the school was to meet the ambition of the Council to deliver infrastructure before expansion (I before E).  With population growth in the west flank places at the school started to fill even before the first homes on Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead South were built. The growing population led the Governing Body to decide to expand to grow from a two-form entry school to become a three-form entry 630 place primary school with a 26 full time equivalent nursery plus integrated childcare.

A small local centre is to be built on Kingsmead South with retail and community space plus some employment.

There will be a combined sports pavilion and community centre south of the school including meeting rooms, a small activity hall, changing rooms, two football pitches and a cricket pitch. The school will have access to one of the pitches during the school day.

There is a land allocation for a pub / hotel to the south of the site next to Snelshall West.



Last Updated: 24 September 2020