Land Charges

Please be aware that our expedited service has been suspended until further notice.

As of 16th April 2018 a revised Fee Schedule for all Land Charges searches comes into place. Please see our fees page for details of these new fees.

When you buy a property or piece of land your solicitor will normally contact the Local Land Charges department to find out if there are any restrictions on the land.  These restrictions are held in the Council’s Local Land Charges register which we have a statutory duty to maintain.

As well as maintaining the register, we also have access to source data concerning local planning, building control and environmental health records, this allows us to provide accurate and efficient responses to any property search request.

Booking a personal search appointment

Land Charges Fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you tell me who land belongs to?

Land Charges do not keep records of property ownership, please direct your enquiry to the Land Registry who will be able to assist you..

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What is NLIS?

NLIS is the National Land Information Services. Land Charge Searches can be submitted online via their website.

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What types of searches are there?

LLC1 and CON29R Search:

Maintenance of Roads; Road Schemes; Outstanding Notices; Entries in the Planning Register; Enforcement Action and Contaminated Land. There is a fee levied for these searches by Milton Keynes Council. CON29O enquiries consist of Optional Enquiries and needs to be submitted along with your standard search enquiry form. There is an additional fee payable for each additional enquiry. Additonal Enquiries can be made; it is for you to add questions of your own and this is a chargeable service.

Personal Searches:

A personal search is carried out in person or by a personal search company. The only access is to planning information and highways. A personal search allows you to have a search of the Land Charges Register.

Appointment Information Note:

There is an appointment system operated by the Council to balance the demands on its resources in respect of good administration, coupled to a fair and objective process to accommodate all enquiries from individuals and personal search agencies alike. The number of appointments per person per day is limited to one, but up to four searches may be performed at any one appointment. Appointments can be made by telephoning 01908 252317 and are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am until 11.30am and 2.30pm until 4pm at half hourly intervals, bookable by 4pm on the previous day and on a 'first come, first served' basis.

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How long does it take to get my search results?

From receipt of a valid search request and payment the Land Charges service works to issue search results within 10 working days.

Last Updated: 15 August 2018