The new Local Plan for Milton Keynes, Plan:MK was adopted by Milton Keynes Council at its meeting on the 20 March 2019, details of which can be found at Council 20 March 2019. Plan:MK now forms part of the Council's Development Plan and replaces both the Core Strategy (2013) and saved policies of the Local Plan (2005).

The adopted version of Plan:MK, its updated Policies Maps, and associated adoption documents can be viewed below whilst further details of the preparation stages and examination of the plan can be viewed at Plan:MK Preparation and Examination.

Plan:MK Adopted Version (March 2019) (PDF, 31MB)

Plan:MK Adoption Statement (March 2019) (PDF, 26KB)

Plan:MK Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement (March 2019) (PDF, 367KB)

Plan:MK Inspector's Report (February 2019) (PDF, 379KB)

The Policies Maps and Inset Maps can be viewed below:

Adopted Policies Map Sheet 1 (PDF, 6.7MB)

Adopted Policies Map Sheet 2 (PDF, 6.2MB)

Adopted Policies Map Sheet 3 (PDF, 7.5MB)

Adopted Policies Map Sheet 4 (PDF, 12MB)

Adopted Policies Map Sheet 5 (PDF, 11.1MB)

Adopted Policies Map Inset Maps:

Last Updated: 1 May 2019