Reasons why planning applications may become invalid

Upon submission, and before an application is passed to a planning officer for consideration/determination, it undergoes a stage called 'validation'. This is when the documents supplied are assessed to ensure they are of sufficient quality for a Planning Officer to be able to use them to make the assessments required during the life of the application and ultimately a decision.

The validation process is a qualitative check of the documents submitted as part of the application. Details on the application form must match the works shown on the plans and all the plans correspond to show the same proposed works and matching details (for example the floor plans will be compared to the elevation plans to ensure that the windows, doors and other features are correctly located on both plans).

If any documents submitted are not of the required standard then your application will be deemed 'invalid', placed on hold and any necessary amendments or submission of any required documents will be requested. If the documents requested are not supplied within 28 days then your application and all documents submitted in support of it will be returned to you.

 Below are the most common reason why an application may become invalid. You may also wish to review our Checklist and forms pages for further guidance before submitting an application.