Planning Guidance for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a dwelling with at least 3 tenants (forming more than one household) who share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities.

An Article 4 Direction was introduced on 23rd December 2011 withdrawing permitted development rights for the change of use from a dwelling (Use Class C3) to a HMO (Use Class C4) for the whole Borough of Milton Keynes. This means that in order to legally operate a HMO a landlord must obtain planning permission.

In 2012 the Council adopted a Houses in Multiple Occupation Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This SPD provides guidance and is a material consideration in assessing planning applications for changes of use from a dwelling to a HMO.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (2012) SPD

In the case of a large HMO, those accommodating 5 or more tenants and being 3 storeys in height, the landlord also needs a HMO licence – further information regarding HMO licences can be found on the  HMO licensing section of the Council’s website.


Last Updated: 11 June 2021