Step-by-step instructions for using our Public Access planning register


Once you’ve registered with us you can;

  • comment, support or object to a planning application
  • save your search criteria and receive email notifications
  • track planning application.

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How to register

Anyone can create a new account free of charge. To create a new user account click on the register button.


The following page will then appear. Please fill in the information required and click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the screen.


Once a new user account has been created a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. From this confirmation email, please click on the hyperlink to complete the registration process.

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How to log in

Once registered you can log in to the Public Access system using your email address and password. Please note that your email address is sensitive to capital and lower case letters.


If you have forgotten your password please click the 'Forgotten Password' link at the bottom of the screen.

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Search for applications and information

There are 5 different search options; simple, advanced, weekly/monthly lists, property and by map.

Simple search

The simple search allows you to search for an application or appeal by entering some simple search criteria into the text box. The search criteria can include a keyword, the application reference or part of the address or postcode.

simple search

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to search using a mix of parameters.

advanced search

Weekly/monthly lists search

Click the weekly/monthly lists tab and select the information you require using one or more of the fields.

weekly list search

Property Search

If you are looking for information on a particular property in Milton Keynes you can use the property search. There is also an 'A to Z' Street Search, which provides an alphabetical list of streets to search by.

address search

Map Search

If you do not know the address of the site but know where it is situated you can use the map search. The ‘map search’ feature allows you to identify applications using our interactive map. Using the drop down menus select the information required then follow the online instructions to zoom the map to the area of interest. Please note that applications will only start to appear at a scale of 1:5000.

map search

Any results will be displayed on the right hand side of the map and a red area on the map.

To view further information about the application simply click on the application reference link and the results will be displayed.

map search 2

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Viewing applications including plans and documents

Once you have successfully found the application you are looking for you enter the application screen as below. You can find the details of the application using the tabs.

application summary

To view the plans and documents with an application, including public comments and consultation information, click on the 'Documents' tab.


Then click on the 'View associated documents' button and a new screen showing a list of all the available documents for your selected application will appear. Select individual documents to view them.


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Make comments on applications

Click on the 'Comments' tab to submit comments regarding an application. Please note, you need to be a registered user to submit comments on an application. 

Before you make a comment please read our guidance on objecting or supporting a planning application.

comment 3

Type your comments into relevant boxes and then click the 'Submit' button.

If you do not wish to open an account you can submit your comments by email to the case officer or to Alternatively you can send comments by post.

Planning Enquiries
Civic Offices
1 Saxon Gate East
Milton Keynes

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Find a decision notice

You can find a decision notice within the documents tab.


Click on the 'View associated documents' link and a new screen showing a list of all the available documents for your selected application will appear. The decision notice will be listed here.

decision notice

Tracking an Application

Select the application you wish to track and then click on the ‘Track’ icon highlighted below. You need to be a registered user to use this facility.


The application will be added to your list of tracked application within your user profile.

track app

When the Status of a tracked application changes an email will be sent to you advising you of the update.

Important note: Please note this system will not notify you when a new document is added.

Alternatively, you can log in to Public Access and view the details through the ‘Notified’ and ‘Tracked Applications’ sections within ‘My Profile’.

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Creating a Saved Search

It is possible to save a particular search based on a search criteria entered through the Simple or Advanced Search screen or using the Map screen. This allows commonly used searches to be saved and reused without having to enter the criteria each time.

For example, within the ‘Advanced Application’ search screen select the ‘Application Type’, the ‘Ward’ from the drop down list and the date validated and select ‘Search’.

saved search

The results will be displayed. To save the search click on the 'Save Search' icon highlighted below.

saved search

The following screen will be displayed providing the option to name the search and to select to be notified by email. Alter as you require and select 'Save'. The search will be added to the Save Search screen within your profile.

saved search 3


There are help notes available on each page which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Help on this page' button.


Alternatively, please contact Milton Keynes Planning Enquiries:

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Last Updated: 11 August 2021