Action Points - Stage One

The log of Action Points arising from Stage One Plan:MK Examination hearing discussions can be found here (PDF, 86KB). The Council's responses to the Action Points are in the table below.

Action Point Ref MKC Response
AP1 Chronology of Transport Modelling with Central Bedfordshire Council (PDF, 431KB)
AP6 Response to Further Questions on Jobs and Workers (PDF, 329KB)
AP12 The Programme for Estate Regeneration (PDF, 59KB)
AP13 Clarification on the Delivery Strategy for Tickford Fields and update on Capacity (PDF, 1.8MB)
AP20 SHLAA Pro-formas for Shortlisted MK Edge Sites (PDF, 122KB)

Milton Keynes East Housing Trajectory (PDF, 177KB)

Briefing Note prepared by Lichfields on behalf of Berkeley Strategic (PDF, 468KB)

AP25 MK 2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report (June 2017) (PDF, 1.7MB)

Train Services between Bletchley to Woburn Sands and Milton Keynes Central (PDF, 200KB)

Train Services between Woburn Sands to Bletchley and Milton Keynes Central (PDF, 162KB)


Correspondence Between MKC and Historic England Regarding Proposed Modifications to Policy SD15 for Eaton Leys (PDF, 358KB)

Written Statement from Historic England (PDF, 146KB)

Proposed Changes to the Policies Map to Address Historic England's Objection (PDF, 358KB)

AP31 Clarification of the Developable Areas at Campbell Park (PDF, 262KB)
AP32 MKC Proposed Modification to Clarify the Purpose of Policy ER11 (PDF, 270KB)
AP33 Indicative Timetable for the Delivery of MK:U on Block B4 in CMK (PDF, 266KB)
AP34 Clarification of the City Centre Boundary Map (Fig 1) for the Purposes of Sequential Test (PDF, 257KB)
AP35 MKC Proposed Modification to Clarify the Purpose of Policy ER19 (PDF, 346KB)

MKC Note on CMK Renaissance (PDF, 185KB)

MKC Note on Midsummer Boulevard East (PDF, 273KB)

Indicative Concept Proposal for Midsummer Boulevard East (PDF, 1.3MB)


Last Updated: 31 August 2018