Core Strategy Examination

The Core Strategy has now been adopted, for further information see Adopted Core Strategy

11 July 2013

At its meeting on the 10 July 2013 Council resolved to adopt the Core Strategy.

The final documents will be available next week.

2 July 2013

Following Cabinet on 19 June 2013, the Core Strategy document, with the main modifications approved in January 2013, has been recommended for adoption by Full Council.

This will now be taken to Full Council on 10th July 2013 for adoption.

The relevant documents for Full Council can be found at the link below. These documents should be read in-line with Item number 6A of the agenda: Council July 10th 2013

30 May 2013

The Council have received the Inspector's final report and the Core Strategy document, with the main modifications approved in January 2013, has been confirmed as sound and legally compliant, and capable of adoption.

A copy of the Inspector's final report, along with the main modifications and a copy of the letter from the Planning Inspectorate can be viewed below:

Core Strategy Inspector (PDF, 310KB)

Appendix A: Schedule of Main Modifications (PDF, 284KB)

Letter from the Planning Inspectorate (PDF, 70KB)

Consultation on the Secretary of State’s Order to partially revoke the South East Plan

On 28 February 2013 the Secretary of State laid in Parliament a statutory instrument to partially revoke the Regional Strategy for the South East (modified to retain Policy NRM6: Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area), which will come into force on 25 March 2013.

The Core Strategy Inspector asked that Milton Keynes Council invited comments on any matter considered to be affected by the revocation, so far as the matter relates to the Milton Keynes Core Strategy examination. Any comments recieved were sent to the Government-appointed independent Planning Inspector to consider in the preparation of her report into the Milton Keynes Core Strategy.

Below are the four documents which were relevant informing any comments made. These documents are

•Written Ministerial Statement
The South East (Partial Revocation) Order 2013
• ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Revocation of the South East Regional Strategy: post adoption statement’ and associated Environmental Report
Earlier Environmental report on the revocation of the South East Plan

Consultation on Main Modifications – 15 January 2013

Following consideration and approval by Full Council on 9 January 2013, at the Inspector’s request, a schedule of proposed main modifications (the schedule) that are considered necessary to make the Core Strategy sound and legally compliant is now being published for public consultation for six weeks.

The schedule is accompanied by a sustainability appraisal of the proposed main modifications and six further documents for background information. All the documents can be accessed below:

-Consolidated Table of Core Strategy Main Modifications “The Schedule” [MKC/42] (PDF, 310KB)

-Sustainability Appraisal of Main Modifications [MKC/43] (PDF, 1.9MB)

-Inspectors Working Draft of Modifications [ID/16] (PDF, 77KB)which sets out the Inspector’s interim conclusions on the scope of the main modifications that are required.

-Council’s Formal Request to Inspector to Recommend Modifications to Make the Core Strategy Sounds and/or Legally Compliant [MKC/44] (PDF, 37KB)

-Additional Note on the Site Allocations Plan [MKC/45] (PDF, 35KB)

-Policies Map [MKC/46] (PDF, 496KB)

-Updated Housing Trajectory (October 2012) [MKC/47] (PDF, 33KB)

-Updated Core Strategy Appendix C – Local Plan Policies and their replacement in the LDF [MKC/48] (PDF, 318KB)

The schedule puts forward some suggested amendments to the modifications identified by the Inspector in her Working Draft. The Inspector has agreed that these may be put forward for public consultation while not pre-judging her conclusions on these or any of the other matters covered by the main modifications. All of the views expressed on the main modifications will be taken into account by the Inspector before she finalises her report.

It should be noted that the public consultation is concerned only with the proposed modifications and not with the other parts of the Core Strategy that have already been subject to public consultation and have been fully considered during the examination, including the representations that were made on them at the appropriate time.

How to make your comments

The modifications, with relevant supporting documents will be available for public comment for six weeks from Wednesday 16 January until 5pm on Wednesday 27 February 2013.

Any representations on the schedule of proposed main modifications must be received by the above deadline and can be made via:




Post: Planning, Economy and Development
Civic Offices
1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes

Fax: 01908 252211

A number of drop-in sessions have also been arranged at which Development Plans Team Officers will be attending to answer any questions. Further details of these sessions are outlined below:

Woburn Sands
Memorial Hall, High Street, Woburn Sands
Thursday 24 January (7pm-9pm)

Wavendon Community Centre, Walton Road, Wavendon
Monday 28 January (7pm – 9pm)

Old Farm Park/Wavendon Gate
Herensbrook Meeting Place, Wadesmill Lane, Walnut Tree
Wednesday 13 February (7pm-9pm)

All modifications are in reference to the Core Strategy Revised Proposed Submission (October 2010), which can be viewed at Part 1 (PDF, 6.3MB) and Part 2 (PDF, 7.4MB).

All further submission and examination documents can be viewed at Examination and Submission Documents Page.

2 November 2012

The Council is finalising its proposed schedule of main modifications to the Core Strategy, in the light of the Inspector's draft list of modifications that are likely to be required to make the plan sound and legally compliant. Following the public hearings held in July, the Council is determined to adopt this important strategic plan as soon as it realistically can.

Early indications are that, if the Council approves these modifications to the Core Strategy then it has an improved potential for being found sound. This will provide a clear blue print for the future of Milton Keynes and enable it to continue to grow and be one of the leading areas helping the country climb out from recession.

Core Strategy Examination Note - 19 July

As part of the on-going examination the Council has received representations to say the Core Strategy as submitted is unlawful and unsound.

In the discussion at the hearings held in the first week the Council was asked to consider possible modifications to the plan to overcome any potential failings in terms of the plan's soundness and/or legal compliance.

A potential ‘fall back’ position was tabled (see document MKC-21 in the Documents Section)

Examination Hearing Sessions

Matters 1,3 and 6 were considered in the first week of the hearing sessions (10-12 July 2012). Matters 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 were considered in the second week (24-25 July). See the link below for a copy of the final examination programme. The venue was Milton Keynes Christian Centre, Strudwick Drive, Oldbrook, Milton Keynes, MK6 2TG.

Core Strategy Examination Final Programme (PDF, 39KB)

Who to Contact

For any queries relating to the Core Strategy examination, please contact the Core Strategy Programme Officer, Chris Banks.


Tel: 01403 253148
Skype Phone: 01273 782194
Mob: 07817 322750


How we got to the Submission stage

For details of how we got to Submission, information on why the examination was deferred, and details of the post submission consultations, see the Core Strategy Information, March 2011 - November 2011

Core Documents

Submission and Examination Documents

Link to the Core Strategy Documents page

Some of the key documents in the list include:


The Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on 1 March 2011.

Core Strategy Submission Notice (PDF, 74KB)

Information on Development Plan Document Examinations

The Planning Portal provides information on the Local Development Framework and the adoption process. The document below provides a brief guide to the examination process, and the link provides access to more detailed information.

Brief Guide to Examining Development Plan Documents (PDF, 81KB)

How we got to Submission stage

For information on how we got to the Submission stage in the process, please click on this link to our Core Strategy Publication page.

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