The Development Plan and SPDs/SPGs

Development Plan 

The below documents outline Milton Keynes' existing development plan.  The documents provides Milton Keynes Council's policies and proposals for the development and use of land across the Borough.  These also provide the policies against which planning applications will be assessed.

Core Strategy (2013)

Local Plan (2005)

Site Allocations Plan (2018)

Minerals Policy

Waste Development Plan Document

Neighbourhood Plans

Following a successful referendum, a Neighbourhood Plan is made by the Council and becomes part of the Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Plan area.

Once made, a Neighbourhood Plan’s policies take precedence over the existing non-strategic policies in the Local Plan for the area it covers, where they are in conflict.

Details of all neighbourhood plans within the Borough are available here.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)/Guidance (SPGs)

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide more detailed guidance to explain policies and proposals set out in Development Plan Documents.  They may include, for instance, a development brief setting out in more detail how a site should be developed, or more detailed guidance on how a particular policy should be implemented.

Supplementary Planning Documents are not subject to an independent public examination and have a simpler preparation process than Development Plan Documents.  They must relate to a policy in the Development Plan, or, in the interim, a policy in the saved Local Plan.  They cannot be used to set policy that should be the subject of independent examination.

Site Specific SPDs/SPGs

Adopted Strategic Land Allocation Development Framework SPD

Western Expansion Area Development Framework

Eastern Expansion Area Development Framework

Northern Expansion Area Development Framework

Stantonbury Park Development Framework

Oxley Park Development Framework

Oakgrove Millenium Community Development Framework

Central Bletchley Regeneration Strategy SPG

All other SPDs/SPGs

Affordable Housing SPD

Houses in Multiple Occupation SPD

Milton Keynes Drainage Strategy SPG

Milton Keynes Urban Development Area Tariff SPD

Outdoor Advertising Policy (PDF, 88KB)

Parking Standards SPD

Planning Obligations for Central Milton Keynes SPG

Planning Obligations for Education Facilities SPG

Planning Obligations SPG for Leisure, Recreation and Sports Facilities

Residential Design Guide

Social Infrastructure Planning Obligations SPD

Sustainable Construction SPD

Telecommunications Systems Policy (PDF, 418KB)

Wind Turbines SPD

Forecourt Shops at Petrol Filling Stations SPG

Last Updated: 26 July 2018