Local Plan (2005)

The Local Plan was adopted in 2005 and includes details covering the amount and location of housing, employment, shopping and community facilities required. The Local Plan and Core Strategy (2013) currently make up the development plan for Milton Keynes. The Local Plan will eventually be replaced by an updated Local Plan (PlanMK) which work is currently underway on. See the links lower down this page to access the Interactive Local Plan or to view a pdf copy of the Local Plan and associated documents.

Decisions on planning applications must be made in line with policies in the Adopted Local Plan, unless there are clear material considerations which dictate why this should not be the case. Please check with the saved policies document below, as some of the policies within the plan are no longer in effect.

Conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework

Since the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in March 2012, the policies contained within have become material considerations which local planning authorities should take into account both for the purposes of decision-taking and in the preparation of plans.

Whilst Milton Keynes has an up-to-date Core Strategy, adopted in August 2013, which conforms with the NPPF, the large majority of its Development Management policies are contained within the Milton Keynes Local Plan (2005), which was adopted under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

In accordance with paragraph 215 of the NPPF, "due weight should be given to relevant policies in existing plans according to their degree of consistency with this framework (the NPPF) (the closer the policies in the plan to the policies in the framework, the greater the weight that may be given)".

Milton Keynes Council have produced an assessment of all relevant Local Plan (2005) policies against the NPPF, outlining where they conform and conflict with the framework. The assessment then provides a conclusion for each policy summarising the weight that they should be given in-line with their degree of consistency with the NPPF. This is the position that will be taken in the decision-making process until the policies are replaced by those contained in PlanMK, once adopted. The assessment can be viewed at:

Local Plan 2005 and NPPF Conformity Assessment July 2015 Update (PDF, 750KB)


Core Strategy and the 2005 Local Plan

As the Core Strategy has been found sound this note sets out the relationship between the Core Strategy (once adopted) and the Local Plan.

The Core Strategy contains strategic policies and sets the framework for future detailed policies and Neighbourhood Plans. It only replaces the strategic policies in the 2005 Local Plan. Most of the Local Plan policies are saved and the Appendix C in the Core Strategy lists all of the Local Plan policies with those replaced by the Core Strategy highlighted in bold text.

Specifically the Local Plan policies replaced by the adopted Core Strategy are:

S1 – S5, S7-S9, D2a, D4,T6,EA4, EA4A, H3, CC3,PO1, PO2.

Local Plan Documents

Interactive Local Plan Proposals Map

Adopted Local Plan - PDF

Local Plan Saved Policies

Local Plan Inspectors Report


Last Updated: 18 July 2018