Housing Monitoring

Please Note: The data contained within the below documents relates solely to the monitoring of housing development across the borough prior to 1 January 2021; they do not form the Councils position on future projected completions, nor the Councils assessment of five-year housing land supply.

Housing Monitoring for the Borough of Milton Keynes


Every quarter site visits are conducted on all applications where a new dwelling is proposed.  The progress of these sites are noted on a plot by plot basis and recorded on the Councils monitoring system.  Reports and spreadsheets are then produced, some of which are reported to MHCLG, and published on the Councils Yearly Housing Statistics page.

There is, however, much more data available and this will be published quarterly on this page.

The monitoring year runs from 1 April to 31 March and contains four quarters.


Permitted Developments

All applications that include a new dwelling (including change of use (COU) and conversions) are monitored from submission to decision.  The following spreadsheets show you the decisions made on these applications.

All Housing Decisions (XLSX, 26KB)- This spreadsheet shows all applications and their decisions over each monitoring year (1 April - 31 March).

Accommodation Mix of Permitted Developments (XLSX, 74KB)- This spreadsheet shows the bedroom mix of all the permitted developments by monitoring year.  It covers years from 2019/20 up to the present quarter. It also gives details of the tenure split for each development (developer sale and affordable housing) along with a further split to sub-tenure of the affordable housing. Self and Custom-build applications are also monitored here.

Prior Notifications (XLSX, 15KB)- This spreadsheet shows all the permitted prior notification applications. Unlike planning permission and other consents, prior notification is a procedure whereby a developer must notify the planning authority of proposals before exercising permitted development rights. It is very important to keep a record of these developments as too many in one location (especially Central Milton Keynes) can result in the loss of too much office or retail space.

HMO Applications (XLSX, 11KB)- This spreadsheet shows the outcome of planning applications for Houses in Multiple Occupation over the monitoring year.


Quarterly Monitoring

Housing starts and completions in Milton Keynes are monitored quarterly. A start is a plot that the developer has started to build and a completion is a plot that the developer has finished building.

The Council's housing requirement for the monitoring year 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 is 1,767 dwellings.  So far, this monitoring year there have been 1256 completions.

The last quarterly housing survey was undertaken at the end of December 2020.

Results for Quarter 3 of Monitoring Year 2020-2021:

  • 405 Completions (0 demolitions) (89 Affordable)
  • 403 starts (97 Affordable)
  • There are currently 3098 plots under construction

Quarterly Housing Report - This report gives more detail about housing delivery in the borough of Milton Keynes.  It is produced quarterly.  

Housing Statistics (XLS, 629KB)- This spreadsheet gives the statistics from 1991 up to 2021.  This includes starts and completions for all years.

Quarterly Fact-sheet (PDF, 203KB)- This fact-sheet breaks down the information gathered on site visits and gives insight into the developments happening in Milton Keynes.

Affordable Housing - This spreadsheet contains the data for affordable housing delivery. (Coming Soon)


Further Monitoring Data

The following spreadsheets contain information that may be of interest.

Starts by Settlement (XLS, 50KB)- This spreadsheet gives information of the starts over a rolling 4 quarter period. 

Completions by Settlement (XLS, 61KB)- This spreadsheet gives information of the completions over a rolling 4 quarter period.  It also contains information on Housing Stock for the Borough.

Starts and Completions by Parish (XLSX, 15KB)- This spreadsheet breaks down the starts and completions data into parishes.

Starts and Completions by Ward (XLSX, 13KB)- This spreadsheet breaks down the starts and completions data into wards.


Last Updated: 5 February 2021