Advice, guidance and support for Neighbourhood Planning

There is a great deal of advice for Neighbourhood Planning available nationally.

National Planning Practice Guidance provides guidance and interpretation of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) with regard to Neighbourhood Planning.

Locality provides a comprehensive set of resources to support communities undertaking neighbourhood planning as well as being responsible for the administration of the Government’s grant programme (see below for more information).

The Royal Town Planning Institute through Planning Aid, provides extensive resources and a comprehensive online resource for neighbourhood planning. There is a Planning Aid e-bulletin with regular updates on changes to legislation and current issues in Neighbourhood Planning that interested groups can sign up to receive.

National Grants and Technical Support for Neighbourhood Planning

The Government is continuing to provide support for communities undertaking neighbourhood planning, in the form of grants of up to £9,000. In addition, groups who meet certain criteria (including those allocating sites, and where a number of parishes choose to work together on a neighbourhood plan) are eligible to apply for an additional £8,000 of funding and access to technical support packages.

For information about eligibility and how to apply for grants and technical support, please see the Locality Neighbourhood Planning web page.

Milton Keynes Council support for Neighbourhood Planning

We have reviewed the approach that we take to providing Neighbourhood Planning support and have identified the key stages at which parishes need the greatest support. The following documents provide an outline of those key stages and the support provided by the Council. The detailed version is a more comprehensive document which sets out the roles of the parish and the Council at each stage in the plan making process, as well as some guidance as to what each stage entails:

Where to find evidence base information

Neighbourhood Development Plans should be based on proper understanding of the local issues as well as on effective community engagement. Therefore finding robust information is an important element of developing your Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The evidence and information needs to be proportionate to the scope and detail of the plan.

A wealth of information already exists which may assist parishes working on their Neighbourhood Development Plan. We are able to are able to assist and direct parishes to existing information sources or advise on the best way of obtaining any additional data required. 

Demographics and statistics

To obtain a variety of socio-economic facts and figures visit mkinsight. This website contains details on population and demographics, levels of economic activity or deprivation, health and wellbeing, transport, level of services and much more including Census 2011 data.

Area profiles

You can also find specific area profiles on mkinsight. These are based on the 2011 Census but provide useful information about the size and nature of a parish’s population – see the 2011 Census Parish Profiles.

Core Strategy and Plan:MK

The evidence base used to produce the Core Strategy and Plan:MK may contain some information on topics such as housing, employment, transport, retail, conservation and recreation.

Last Updated: 27 June 2018