Oxley Park Development Framework

This Development Brief was adopted by Milton Keynes Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance on 18 May 2004, following a period of public consultation held in July and August 2003. The adopted version of the SPG took account of the relevant consultation responses.

The purpose of the development framework is to provide design guidance for the preparation and consideration of subsequent planning applications for development of the Oxley Park grid square in Milton Keynes. It has been agreed that, due to the mixed ownership of the land and the location of Oxley Mead SSSI within the grid square, the development framework will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance. This will ensure that the framework will be a material consideration in the determination of subsequent planning applications.

Proposals which do not satisfy the general objectives and standards set out within the framework, unless superseded by subsequent government guidance, are unlikely to be approved by the Council.

Development commenced on the site in 2005, with developments by Charles Church, Persimmon, Barrett, Wimpey and King's Oak.

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Last Updated: 30 November 2017