Planning Obligations for Leisure, Recreation and Sports Facilities

This Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) has been prepared by Professor Martin Elson of Oxford Brookes University together with the involvement of Officers from Milton Keynes Council, English Partnerships and Sport England.

It covers the built up area of the City of Milton Keynes including the City Expansion Areas with the exception of Central Milton Keynes, which has its own SPG. Where proposals for new housing fall outside this area, planning obligations for open space and leisure and recreation will be sought by the Council inline with relevant Local Plan policies.

This SPG identifies the main requirements for Leisure, Recreation and Sport, which will be required as a consequence of new residential development within the Borough. It also sets out the financial contributions, which will be sought by the Council from applicants seeking planning consent for development, where that development generates a need for such facilities.

This document was issued for a six-week period of public consultation running from Monday 20 September to Monday 1 November 2004 to enable members of the public and other interested parties to comment on its contents.

Comments on the SPG document were reported to the Cabinet at it's meeting on the 18th January 2005. The Cabinet resolved to adopt the document as Supplementary Planning Guidance, and make changes to the document reflecting comments received. Subsequently, minor changes to the text have been made arising as a consequence of the adoption of the replacement Local Plan in December 2005 and the replacement of circular 1/97 by circular 05/2005. These changes have been agreed as a delegated matter by the Head of Planning and Transport.

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Leisure, Recreation and Sports Facilities SPG. (PDF, 197KB)

It should be noted that a minor discrepancy has been discovered on page 32 of the document where figures were not updated correctly in the worked example. The correct figures have now been included, which are inline with those in appendix G.

Last Updated: 24 October 2018