Site Allocations Plan

April 2017 - Submission

The Council has now submitted the Site Allocations Plan Proposed Submission Draft to the Planning Inspectorate for an independent examination into the soundness of the Plan to be undertaken. Details of the examination process, including the submission and background evidence documents can be found at the Site Allocations Examination page. Further updates relating to the examination will also be published on the Site Allocations Examination page.

Background and previous consultation stages

The Site Allocations Plan is being prepared to support the delivery of the housing targets for Milton Keynes, which the 2013 Core Strategy established should be 1,750 homes per year on average. A significant portion of housing will be delivered through the strategic allocations in the Local Plan and Core Strategy. However, by identifying a range of smaller sites the Site Allocations Plan will provide a ‘top-up’ and ensure that the Council has enough land allocated to demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites for the immediate future. 

Proposed Submission Draft Consultation

The Council consulted on the Proposed Submission Draft Site Allocations Plan for an 8-week period from Wednesday 26th October to Wednesday 21st December 2016. All representations received within this period were submitted to the Secretary of State alongside the Site Allocations Plan documents to be considered during the examination. At this stage of the plan-making process the consultation only invited feedback on whether the plan could be considered ‘sound’ and whether it complies with the legal requirements set out in planning legislation.

All representations received during this consultation are now publicly available at the Council's Consultation Portal and via the Site Allocations Plan Examination background documents 

Emerging Preferred Options consultation

The Council consulted for 15 weeks on its Emerging Preferred Options for the Site Allocations Plan between October 2015 and February 2016. . Following an Issues & Options consultation in 2014 the Council  assessed 61 sites in the urban area and had identified its emerging preferred options. The consultation document invited feedback on how this had been done as well as covering more general aspects of the plan such as the overall level of development. The consultation document can be viewed at: Site Allocations Plan: Emerging Preferred Options Consultation (PDF, 6.5MB).

Appendix E of the consultation document (PDF, 243KB) summarises the results of the assessment process. The site assessments that support this are available on this webpage.  For convenience, a combined version (PDF, 5MB) is available to download, alternatively they are available individually as follows:

U1 Belvedere Farm, Bletchley/Fenny (PDF, 27KB)
U2 Former MFI Unit, Bletchley/Fenny (PDF, 134KB)
U3 Land off Hampstead Gate, Bradwell Common (PDF, 135KB)
U4 Land at Broughton Atterbury, Broughton (PDF, 134KB)
U5 Gurnards Avenue, Fishermead (PDF, 133KB)
U6 Land off Singleton Drive, Grange Farm (PDF, 133KB)
U7 Woodlands off Breckland, Linford Wood (PDF, 134KB)
U8 Land North of Vernier Crescent, Medbourne (PDF, 134KB)
U9 Land off Ladbroke Grove, Monkston
U10 Land off Lillishall Avenue, Monkston (PDF, 133KB)
U11 Galleon Wharf, Old Wolverton (PDF, 135KB)
U12 Res site 62 off Manifold Lane, Shenley Brook End (PDF, 210KB)
U13 Independent School site off Daubeney Gate, Shenley Church End (PDF, 132KB)
U14 Former gas works site, Stony Stratford (PDF, 130KB)
U15 Land to the rear of Hayes, Stony Stratford (PDF, 133KB)
U16 Land off Calverton Road, Stony Stratford (PDF, 135KB)
U17 Land at Towergate, Wavendon Gate (Expansion) (PDF, 135KB)
U18 Land to the rear of Morrisons Super market, Westcroft (PDF, 134KB)
U19 Reserve Site 3 East of Snellshall Street, Westcroft (PDF, 210KB)
U20 Wolverton Railway Works, Wolverton (PDF, 135KB)
U21 Wolverton Mill Site G, Wolverton Mill (PDF, 134KB)
U22 Land West of Brickhill Street, Caldecotte (Expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U23 Land at Eaton Leys, Fenny Stratford (Expansion) (PDF, 130KB)
U24 Land at Linford Lakes, Great Linford (Expansion) (PDF, 130KB)
U25 Land South of Lower End Road (a), Wavendon (SLA expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U26 Land South of Lower End Road (b), Wavendon (SLA expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U27 Land West of Bow Brickhill, Caldecotte (Expansion) (PDF, 133KB)
U28 Land at Little Linford Lane, Redhouse Park (Expansion) (PDF, 135KB)
U29 Shenley Dens Farm Oakhill, - Expansion (PDF, 135KB)
U30 Land off Ridgeway, Stony Stratford - (Expansion) (PDF, 136KB)
U31 Wellington Place car park, Bletchley (PDF, 134KB)
U38 Land off Phelps Road, Bletchley/Fenny (PDF, 134KB)
U39 Builders merchants, Fenny Stratford Bletchley/Fenny (PDF, 134KB)
U40 Land off Harrowden, Bradville (PDF, 133KB)
U42 Caldecotte Site C, Caldecotte (PDF, 134KB)
U45 Station Square, Central MK (PDF, 137KB)
U46 Land East of John Lewis car park, Central MK (PDF, 135KB)
U48 Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Coffee Hall (PDF, 133KB)
U54 Land at Dropshort Farm, Fenny Stratford (Expansion) (PDF, 133KB)
U55 Cross Roads Farm, Fenny Stratford (Expansion) (PDF, 133KB)
U56 Land East of A5, Fenny Stratford  (Expansion) (PDF, 133KB)
U57 Land at Middle Weald, Middle Weald (Expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U58 Kestrel view Stables, Middle Weald, Middle Weald (Expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U59 Land South of Lower End Road (c), Wavendon (SLA expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U60 Land at corner of Lower End Road & Cranfield Road, Wavendon (SLA expansion) (PDF, 135KB)
U65 Kents Hill Site A, Kents Hill (PDF, 134KB)
U66 Kents Hill Site C, Kents Hill (PDF, 133KB)
U67 Kents Hill Site D1, Kents Hill (PDF, 134KB)
U68 Kents Hill Site B, Kents Hill (PDF, 134KB)
U69 Kents Hill Site E, Kents Hill (PDF, 134KB)
U70 Land at Oakgrove school, Middleton (PDF, 209KB)
U71 Land at the Walnuts, Redhouse Park (PDF, 135KB)
U72 Shenley Wood Site E, Shenley Wood (PDF, 135KB)
U73 Shenley Wood Site D, Shenley Wood (PDF, 135KB)
U80 Land at Bergamot Gardens, Walnut Tree (PDF, 210KB)
U81 Land at Walton Manor, Walton Manor (PDF, 134KB)
U82 Hewlett Packard West, site Wavendon Gate (PDF, 133KB)
U83 Hewlett Packard East site, Wavendon Gate (Expansion) (PDF, 134KB)
U84 1 Glyn Square, Wolverton (PDF, 134KB)
U86 Garages West of Rowle Close, Stantonbury (PDF, 135KB)
U87 Garages East of Rowle Close, Stantonbury  (PDF, 135KB)

Employment Land Study

The Employment Land Study referred to in the consultation document and assessments is available to view separately on our evidence base webpage.

Issues & Options consultation

From September 2014 to November 2014, the Council consulted on the initial issues and options for the Site Allocations Plan. This is still available to download: Site Allocations Plan Issues and Options document (PDF, 14.1MB). The document covered various aspects including:

  • the amount of land we should be allocating
  • the split of development across the rural area
  • the method we propose to use to assess sites
  • the suitability of certain small-medium sized sites that have already been put forward to us for consideration; and
  • whether there are any alternative small-medium sized sites that we should be considering

The results of this consultation are now publicly viewable on the consultation portal and have informed the Emerging Preferred Options Consultation.

Additional sites

During the Issues & Options consultation the Council received details of over 100 ‘new’ potential sites, including Council owned sites. Given the number of new sites it was considered that these should be subject to a similar public consultation to the original 50 sites from the Issues & Options consultation. Therefore an ‘Additional Sites’ consultation was scheduled for February 2015. This was delayed as the decision to include some Council-owned land was ‘called-in’ and reviewed by Councillors either side of the elections.
As a result of this scrutiny process the Council, by way of a delegated decision, formally decided that the 22 Council-owned sites are withdrawn from the process and are to be considered unavailable for the purpose of the Site Allocations Plan. This decision was endorsed by the cross-party Cabinet Advisory Group.

Last Updated: 16 November 2017