Strategic Land Allocation Development Framework SPD

Strategic Land Allocation Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), Adopted November 2013

The Strategic Land Allocation (SLA) is the major development area for Milton Keynes up to 2026 and is allocated in the Core Strategy (adopted July 2013).

The Core Strategy allocation is for a development of 2,900 homes within the Parish of Wavendon with supporting infrastructure including new access roads; a secondary school, two new primary schools; playing fields and strategic open space and a landscape buffer to protect the setting of the village of Wavendon.

The SLA comprises a number of parcels of land in different ownerships. Core Strategy Policy CS5 sets out the principles for the SLA development and states that, in order to ensure that the development of the SLA takes place in a strategic and comprehensive manner, planning permission will only be granted following the approval of a Development Framework for the whole area. As well as helping to ensure that the development of the SLA takes place in a comprehensive manner, the Development Framework establishes the land use budget; the location for the various land uses across the site; it adds details to the development principles for the SLA contained in Core Strategy Policy CS5 and indicates  phasing and infrastructure requirements.

The Development Framework has been prepared following several rounds of public consultation and engagement. The Development Framework was adopted by Cabinet as a Supplementary Planning Document on 5 November 2013.

The Adopted SPD and associated documents can be viewed at:

Adoption Statement for the Strategic Land Allocation SPD (DOC, 31KB)

Adopted Strategic Land Allocation Development Framework SPD

Appendix A - Consultation Statement

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