Sustainable Construction SPD

Milton Keynes Council has prepared a Sustainable Construction Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

The purpose of this document is to supplement Sustainable Construction Policy (policy D4) to accord with Milton Keynes Local Plan (adopted in 2005). The document applies to the whole MKC area. It aims to provide detailed advice on how the planning authority will be applying policy D4 when dealing with planning applications and is to help applicants provide the information needed to satisfy Policy D4.

The document was issued for 6 weeks of public consultation in December 2006. The responses to the consultation and recommended changes to the document were reported to Cabinet on 10th April 2007, where it was resolved to adopt the document as SPD.

The final version of the SPD can be downloaded below along with supporting documents, including a Sustainability Appraisal and a guidance note to inform developers how to Calculate Carbon Neutrality.      

It should be noted that if applicants wish to use the EcoHomes assessment method to comply with policy D4, it can only be utilised if the development site was registered with the BRE before April 2007. New developments coming forward after April 2007 will need to use the Code for Sustainable Homes, the replacement for EcoHomes as the BRE will no longer asses new developments against EcoHomes criteria (unless they were registered with the BRE before April 2007).

Documents Available to Download

Main Document

Sustainable Construction Guide SPD (PDF, 117KB)

Advice and Guidance   

Calculating Carbon Neutrality (PDF, 13KB)

Supporting Documents

Sustainability Assessment (PDF, 220KB)

Sustainability Assessment Scoping Report (PDF, 224KB)

Consultation Statement (PDF, 9KB)

Last Updated: 28 July 2020