Planning Performance Agreements (PPA)

Planning Performance Agreements

Want a project-managed planning service that works to agreed timescales, values and behaviours?

Our Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) are a proactive and beneficial way of working with us, to achieve a high-quality development, within agreed timescales and at minimum cost.

What is a PPA?

PPAs are a project management tool, where you and Milton Keynes Council enter into a voluntary agreement covering:

- Timescales

- Resources

- Actions

- Key milestones

- The approach to community engagement (identification, approach and best practice)

- Other matters (e.g. s106 agreements)

They run from pre-application and can continue into the post-application stage, if necessary and are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and to identify necessary alterations.

When to use a PPA?

PPAs can be used for any application. We specifically recommend them for large and/or complex planning proposals but we can use simpler agreements for smaller applications.

Benefits of PPAs

There are many benefits to a tailored PPA, the main being:

- Agreed timeline and structure of deadlines and action points

- Smooth planning process

- Understanding on both sides

- Efficiency

- Transparent process

- Collaborative working

- Involvement of other parties, such as statutory consultees

- Pre-application advice

- The removal of statutory time limits for determining applications

- High standard of customer service

While PPAs do not guarantee the granting of planning permission, they do provide an opportunity to act on any potential issues before a final decision is made.


To enter into a PPA with us, we’ll need to some information from you so that we can properly tailor the proposed agreement:

  • Development proposal
  • Any pre-application discussions
  • Timescales
  • Any application-specific requirements

We will use this information to calculate a proposed fee (see the PPA fee calculator below) and agreement.

PPA Calculator 09_04_18
Example of our new PPA Fee Calculator

Unsure if you need a PPA?

Contact our Planning team on the details to the left of this page.

Please note that if the planning proposal is contrary to the council’s adopted policies or national guidance, it will be recommended for refusal.

Last Updated: 29 January 2019