Pre-Application Advice

Pre-Application Advice Service

Concerned about your planning application before submitting? We can screen your application before it’s sent, indicating the likely outcome and highlighting and advising on any potential issues.

Benefits of Pre-Application Screening

Submitting a formal planning application can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming, especially if it’s rejected.

Pre-screening advice allows you to ‘test the water’, helping you to:

  • Avoid delays caused by invalid applications and subsequent amendments
  • Save the cost of pursuing unacceptable applications
  • Reduce the time (and fees) of your professional advisors
  • Understand the relevant policies that apply your development
  • Identify the need for specialist input, early one (e.g. listed buildings, trees, noise etc.)
  • Prepare proposals for formal submission, including supporting documentation
  • Work collaboratively with the Planning Department to overcome any problems

How to Receive Pre-Application Screening

Simply complete this form and one of our planning officers will be in touch.

Large Scale, Complex and Major Developments

These developments naturally require significant council input at an early stage. We encourage the use of our Planning Performance Agreements, which enable a bespoke pre-application screening, followed by an end-to-end project managed service.

The Council adopted a new Statement of Community Involvement in July 2019. This highlights that “for larger-scale or potentially controversial development proposals, the Council encourages developers to engage with relevant stakeholders, including the local community, Ward Members, and Town and Parish Councils at the earliest opportunity.”

Milton Keynes Council Development Review Forum

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More Information

If you’d like to understand more about our pre-planning application service, you can view our guidance notes here.

Last Updated: 15 August 2019