Starting An Enforcement Enquiry

Enforcement enquiries

An enquiry is likely to lead to an officer carrying out an investigation to establish the facts. We can only do this if we have reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of the planning regulations, we therefore find it helpful for you to submit as much detail regarding your enquiry.

Before proceeding please read the questions and answers below:

Do I have to give my name when I make an enquiry?

For your enquiry to be investigated we require your name and contact details.

This is a confidential service, therefore we would not reveal the above details.

It does help if your Planning Enforcement Enquiry is made in writing.

The best way to ensure the Council receive the correct information and therefore deal with your enquiry is to complete the Planning enforcement enquiry form.

Once I have sent in the enquiry form what happens next?

If there is enough information in your enquiry form to allow officers to proceed with the case, they will start their investigations. Some cases are very straightforward and investigations may only take a matter of days before establishing whether a breach of planning control has occurred. More complex cases can take longer. Investigations take many forms and may necessitate a number of visits over a period of time.

But I want this to be sorted quickly!

We do appreciate that where a breach of planning control occurs, people may suffer as a consequence. However, our officers can only operate within powers of the legislation and will try to achieve an outcome at the earliest stage.

Will you tell me exactly what has been done during your investigations?

There is a high level of confidentiality attached to Planning Enforcement Enquiries and unlike Planning Applications, such files are not public records.

We will tell you the outcome of our investigations with regard to whether or not there has been a breach of planning control. If there has been a breach of planning control we will advise you of any action we will be taking to remedy the situation and update you accordingly until the matter is resolved.

Will you always take formal action where you are satisfied that there has been a breach of planning control?

The council always aims to resolve planning enforcement enquiries amicably, without resorting to further formal action. Ideally, the person responsible for the breach of planning control will be required to remedy the situation before any formal action will be pursued, where there is clear evidence that an unauthorised use or development is causing serious harm and it is considered reasonable and therefore expedient to apprehend the breach.

If you are unsure if you wish to proceed you can contact us.

Last Updated: 17 January 2022