Council uses VR goggles to teach road safety

Tuesday 19 December 2017

MK Council is using virtual reality goggles to teach young people about road safety from their own perspective - as a pedestrian.


A short film is shown using VR goggles where the wearer becomes the pedestrian who is distracted by their mobile phone whilst crossing a main road and is played on a smart phone attached to the goggles giving the wearer an authentic, real experience.


The film was shot in MK using a variety of camera techniques using a stunt driver and actors. It includes realistic sound effects adding to the experience.


The campaign called Game Over aims to reach this specific audience by mixing innovative technology with a situation that they can relate to.


Game Over has been shown to a number of MK pupils already and the feedback has been very positive.


The full film clip and reaction video may be viewed on the Council’s YouTube channel


Game Over is a joint project between MK Council’s Safer MK and Highways teams and service provider Ringway.


The goggles will be available for any MK school to use to teach their students about staying safe and alert when crossing roads.