MK funding will help schools share cultural experiences

Wednesday 13 December 2017


Milton Keynes Council’s Ethnic Minority Achievement Network (EMA Network) has been recognised by Government with a £700k funding package to support its work with secondary schools in MK.

The EMA Network helps schools as they settle students from overseas, ensuring students and their families feel part of the school community.  By developing good relationships and creating opportunities for shared cultural experiences within and beyond the school, students are better engaged which can raise their educational achievements.

The ‘community cohesion’ funding was provided because of the nationally recognised expertise and skills of MK Council’s EMA Network and its track record working with primary schools and with MK’s diverse range of communities.  MKC will receive it over two years from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Cllr Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families said: “Community cohesion is a bit of a buzzword but for us it means welcoming and involving new arrivals into our communities, and celebrating the opportunities and skills they bring. 

“While an amazing 94% of MK schools are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, we’re not complacent and we’ll do all we can to help schools raise their educational achievement. This funding is a little extra help that we can use to can make a big difference to students, their families and wider communities.”

Schools will be supported to improve the knowledge and skills of their staff and develop better links with MK’s supplementary schools, which provide additional learning opportunities (including English as a language) for children from minority ethnic communities outside the school day.  Parent Ambassadors will be funded to work closely with parents of all backgrounds, with the aim of increasing engagement and a sense of belonging in the wider school community. 

The impact of the funding will be measured in various ways including carefully monitoring the views of students, parents and school staff.