Germander Park School first to receive Councillor for Children’s Inclusion Award

Friday 24 November 2017

Germander Park School is the first school in MK to be given a Councillor for Children’s Inclusion Award, a brand new award to celebrate positive inclusion.

The Councillor for Children’s Inclusion Award was launched by Councillor for Children and Families, Zoe Nolan, to recognise schools that embrace inclusion. This can be through teaching and learning that supports the diversity of all; a flexible approach to environment and resources; and effective support that enables children and young people to do their best.

Germander Park School received the award for their response to having increased numbers of children with special educational needs and disabilities. They’ve transformed a spare office into a nurture base, invested in staff and volunteers which has seen the children make good progress with their independence skills and learning, and supported the children to have a range of experiences, which includes taking the children to the Wolverton Urb Farm.

Head teacher Verity Stobart, said “We are delighted and proud that the whole school’s work on personalising learning so that all children are welcome, make progress, are happy, safe, included and are the essence of our school community has been recognised. We are thrilled to be the first school in Milton Keynes to have received this Inclusion award.”

Cllr Zoe Nolan said, “Inclusion in schools means having different and diverse students learning side by side. It values the unique contribution each student brings to the classroom. I introduced this new Councillor's award to recognise schools where teachers and pupils have made this happen. Germander Park School is a wonderful example of inclusion. When the children at Germander Park School found out they were the first school to receive the award their faces lit up. I congratulate them on their achievements.”

School staff, governors or parents can nominate their school for the award by simply emailing with a short explanation stating why their school should receive the award.

Successful schools will receive a visit from Cllr Nolan, along with a certificate and a quality mark to use on their letterheads and promotional materials.