Clearing items at Station Square

Thursday 13 December 2018

A Community Protection Notice has been served on an individual in the vicinity of Station Square, so you might see Council teams clearing items around the entry to the station later today.

Today’s work is regarding an unauthorised encampment and removal of an inappropriate level of items, which the owner has previously assured us would be removed. They will be stored for collection at a later date.

Milton Keynes Council offers support to all rough sleepers. We have offered accommodation and assistance to this individual. Every rough sleeper can access accommodation if they want it and we will continue to engage with all individuals, but large encampments of items, aggressive begging and anti social behaviour is not appropriate. 

Milton Keynes Council has an ongoing commitment to end homelessness in MK by 2021 and to make Milton Keynes the best place to live for our whole community.

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